Lessons on MQL

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming, structure

Object oriented programming in mql4 Cheers, gentlemen forex traders!Released a new terminal build.Apparently, you have already felt it, that there is some difference between the old version and the new Metatrader 4.But that's just a saying, the fairy tale will come next ...

addition to innovations that you have already watched this video, you are waiting for a lot more interesting ... Updated MQL4 language, and now we are fully able to use object-oriented programming.This and this and subsequent lessons will be dedicated.


homework mql_mini

  • AccountInfo Add to structure information on the account currency, free margin and the name of the active server that runs your terminal.Display information in the comments.
  • Extend Order structure, adding to it information on the term expiry orders, volume orders and commissions.
  • create a separate structure and array, which will contain information about pending orders.Display information (ticket number, order type, price) as a comment on the screen, but it should be through a function to transfe
    r an array of addresses to the function (analogue ShowInfo).

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