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Adviser Ilan - father martingale , and his children .Theory and practice of averaging Forex

Forex Advisor Ilan free download Hello Dear Traders!You often ask about forex advisor Ilan (Ilan) 1.6 Dynamic .C Since then, in the distant 2007 this robot won the championship advisers, he has been on the discussion forums.The Holy Grail of profit?Or wiring for suckers?Now is the time to dot the i.

Today we will look at the principles of trade by averaging (martingale): basic concepts and little known facts, the historical roots and modern techniques, as well as why it is possible theoretically and practically how profitable trade using the averaging method at a loss.As an example, consider a well-known in the community of traders trading robot (Advisor) Ilan (Ilan), which was a "role model" for later on Martingale advisers.


Ilan history Advisor

Martingale (in the modern name) as the control system stakes gambling known since the middle of the XVIII century.There is a version that the system is named after a lucky gambler of the XIX century, which has been a regular at casinos of the French Riviera.Perhaps, the name goes back to th

e jargon Occitan gamblers, where a la martengalo meant "[play] absurd way."In turn, the word meant martengalo Martigues residents who served in jokes images naive simpletons.

essence of the system

Description Martingale system

essence of the system in general is wagering losing trades by increasing the size of the bet or series of bets.

In the simplest case (in gambling) way martingale is as follows:

  • game begins with a pre-selected minimum rate.
  • after each losing player must increase the rate so that in case of winning recoup all previous losses in this series, with a small income.(For example 1-2-4-8-16-32-64 etc).Subject to the sequence of the player gains when winning will be equal to the initial bet.
  • In case of winning the player must go back to the minimum rate.

The Martingale roulette used mainly in betting on "equal chances": red / black, the even / odd.In the case of each subsequent loss rate is equal to twice the previous one.By the way the network is full of sites with this "secret" method of winning at roulette.Do not get fooled)

How to win in the classic Martingale?

how to win at Martingale

In the long run - you can not win in any way.Seriously, nothing.Theoretically, the gain is only possible with an infinite amount of money, and there is no restriction on the maximum bet size.In practice, the size of the bets are always limited, not to mention a bottomless wallet.

Using martingale in modern systems

martingale application

  • In modern interpretations often applied a series of rates increasing is not a factor of 2, and more smoothly.This makes it possible to withstand a long series of losing bets and to get out of this series at a profit, there is no need to win as often as they play: winning trades take less than losing.By using a series of gradually rising interest rates is not rigid, depending on the only positive rate in the entire series, and it often happens that a large series of losing trades increases the chances of a "rollback" and close in profit (part of "kickbacks" from the trend - known feature of currency markets);
  • forex price movements do not have the levels corresponding to the normal probability distribution, it can increase the chances of success;
  • Unlike the classic martingale, used technical indicators and statistical calculations, takes into account the output of news and used other techniques that increase the probability of a correct choice;
  • Used periodic withdrawal of money earned, it allows you to make a profit in the long run the system.

adviser Example martingale:

Ilan 1.6 (Ilan 1.6 Dynamic)

Advisor Features Ilan 1.6 Dynamic

Platform: the Metatrader 4
Advisor Version: 1.6
Currency Pairs: GBPUSD
Timeframe: M5
Hours: around the clock
Recommended broker: Roboforex, Forex4You

FAQ installation

Advisor install as usual.If you are new to the Forex robots and you have a lot of questions, - swing and watch the forex course on autopilot.

Attention!As the adviser is potentially dangerous, be sure to read the article about the basic principles of trading robots based on averaging.

Strategy Advisor

Ilan Strategy Advisor

Advisor Ilan 1.6 use martingale strategy.It uses a series of orders to increase proportionally lot.At the time of using theoretical infinite gain is impossible strategy, however, is the periodic withdrawal of the investment, the probability theory works in our favor.Following the withdrawal of the initial investment, a dangerous strategy martingale immediately becomes break-even and highly profitable.

Bektest advisor Ilan 1.6

Typical bektest advisor Ilan 1.6 has always look like this:

Ilan 1.6 Speaker basktest 2012_2013 get a "poker" is typical for the class Ilan martingale and advisers at all.To not be afraid of such an outcome, mandatory periodic conclusion arrived .

Description Setting

Forex Advisor Ilan description settings

  • FirstOrder - optional opening of the first order.When false first order does not open
  • LotExponent - multiplier lot while setting the next generation.Example: The first lot of 0.1 series: 0.16, 0.26, 0.43 ...
  • DynamicPips - option to enable dynamic mode
  • DefaultPips - grid step size in pips
  • Glubina - kolichstvo last bars for calculating the volatility
  • DEL - parameter for calculating the grid orders.It is used in the calculations with DynamicPips and DynamicPips .

calculation example.

DefaultPips = 30

first switched mode (if FirstOrder = true ) in which the knee is placed 1st 1/3 of DefaultPips ie, 10 pips.
2nd knee put 2/3 of DefaultPips that is 20 pips.
third knee equals D efaultPips .

On 4th knee switched mode «Dynamic» where «DefaultPips» works in conjunction with the «DEL» (typically has a value of 3), and calculates the distance between your knees so:
depending on the market volatility of the past such as 30 (parameter «Glubina») pipstep bars can be set in the range:
from DefaultPips / DEL - is the minimum pipstep (in this case 10),
before DefaultPips * DEL - is the maximum pipstep (in this case 90).

That is, in a flat pipstep less, and more on the volatile market.

  • slip - the permissible slippage in points
  • Lots - lot size to begin trading
  • lotdecima l - number of decimal places in the lot count 0 - normal items (1) 1 - mini lots (0.1), 2 - micro (0.01)
  • TakeProfit - upon reaching how many pips to close the deal
  • Drop - defines the value sewn in Ilan 1.6 dynamic CCI indicator with a period of 55. When the «CCI» indicator exceeds the numerical value of the parameterall open orders the robot closes to avoid big losses.
  • RsiMinimum - lower boundary RSI.Relative Strength Index - a technical indicator readings which are taken into account when opening orders Ilan 1.6 dynamic.More information on RSI can be read in the Meta Trader terminal certificate.Robot opens orders within the specified numerical values.
  • RsiMaximum - the upper limit of RSI
  • MagicNumber - the magic number (Advisor helps to distinguish their bets by others)
  • MaxTrades maximal number of bends in a series of open orders
  • UseEquityStop - this option includes limiting functionloss on value true
  • TotalEquityRisk - the percentage of funds accounts for the loss limit.Upon reaching the specified value, all transactions are closed.
  • UseTrailingStop - ispolzovaybt trailing stop.If the value = true sets the trailing stop los of orders which are in bezubytka zone.
  • UseTimeOut - use a timeout (to close the deal if they "hang" for too long)
  • MaxTradeOpenHours - how many hours to close a frozen series of transactions

recommended money management

not less than 1000 units of currency per lot 0.01 toany pair.

Download Advisor Ilan 1.6 Dynamic

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Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4

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These advisers are superior to most of the money distributed sovetnikov- "monkeys", not to mention free.

Attention! Since advisors are potentially dangerous, be sure to read the article about the basic principles of trading robots based on averaging.

also be helpful to diagram the risk-free strategies for working with dangerous financial instruments which are successfully used serious traders and investors.It looks as follows:

So, you - the investor.You have to have a significant amount of investment for you and you want to dispose of it wisely.Your attention is drawn to the investment with stable high profit and small amounts of costs.

What is the purpose of investing?They are two: 1) capital preservation;2) capital increase.Moreover, the first task a priority (otherwise capital will be lost).Therefore, it is necessary to strike a balance between reliability and profitability.

What does this mean in the context of high-risk investment?Increased profitability is almost always also has a downside - increased risk , and risk - is the likelihood of getting losses .To neutralize the probability of losses, they need to be possible to reduce or remove the general, and such a possibility.Since the yield is high, it is necessary to adhere to risk-free strategy, which is what you need to return the investments in the assets, leaving a "cool" in it the amount of the accumulated profit.This can be done in different ways:

1) You invest money, and after the contribution will increase by 100% (doubled), the conclusions of the initial investment amount.Thus, the loss of any disasters you will not be at all.The advantage of this method - the psychological calm transfer to breakeven, drawback - the need to wait for doubling.

2) You invest money, certainly more than the plan to leave in the account, for example, you want to leave in an asset of $ 500, so $ 1,000 to enter, and when the balance will be $ 1,500, takes his $ 1,000, leaving $ 500.The advantage of this method - a quick translation to breakeven, drawback - the increased risk.

3) you invest regularly (eg, once a week or every two weeks) output the accumulated profit.The advantage of this method - you will always have some amount of free resources trade, drawback - it is a slower way to achieve risk-free status.


Forex Advisor Ilan reviews

Advisors based on martingale robots are profitable, based on averaging, which successfully operates on the real traders' accounts.However, of paramount importance is the observance of the rules for handling hazardous advisors.

Important !!!

to run correctly advisors trading platform should be included with the opening of the market on Sunday night before it closed on Friday evening.If you are unable to keep the computer in working order 24/5, it is recommended to use VPS server service.