Lessons on MQL

How to add a lot to the calculation of trading adviser

Money management in the language MQL

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen traders, we continue our lessons in MQL.And the theme of this lesson - manage the size of the trading lot in advisers.Those.Money Management.

One of the main components of success in the forex - is the ability to competently manage their money.Even the most effective strategy would not be able to assure you success without money management system, in other words money management - the head of everything.

Money Management - a set of rules and methods by which you can minimize the risks and to secure the most lucrative trade in the forex and other financial markets.Let's look at how integrated payment lot in forex advisors.


So, seeing this lesson, you now should be able to do the following task:

  • Take the basis of the adviser, who was your written based on the previous lesson and substitute the calculation of the lot withthe risk that we described in this tutorial.

Waiting for your results to display.

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