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Advisor to the Excalibur - a trend dolgosrochnik

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Hello, dear forex traders.We present our forex advisor Excalibur .Its distinguishing feature is the job of the pullbacks the trend.In this review we will test it on a variety of currency pairs (each pair has its own version of the expert) and choose the optimal set for stable profitability.

Advisor Features

Platform: the Metatrader 4
Advisor Version: 1.2
Timeframe: M15
Hours: around the clock
Recommended broker: Alpari(ECN-accounts)

FAQ installation

Advisor install as usual.If you are new to the Forex robots and you have a lot of questions, - swing and watch the forex course on autopilot.

In this Expert Advisor settings for each pair is already registered in the code, so just open the desired pair on the correct time frame and attach the appropriate advisor for each a chart (a pair is listed in the title).

Strategy Advisor

trading strategy uses kickbacks from the main trend for the indicator signals.When trends

are always setbacks caused by the need to consolidate resources on the market before further continuation of the trend movement, and it is such a situation Advisor trades.

Bektesty advisor

Bektesty made for each pair separately, asMetatrader 4 platform does not allow for multi tests.

tests made fixed lot .This allows you to evaluate the test results without regard to money management.

AUDUSD Excalibur LOT 0.1 2007-2013

test results good

AUDYUSD Excalibur 0.1 LOT 2007-2013

EURUSD Excalibur LOT 0.1 2007-2013

test results good

ЁROSD Excalibur 0.1 LOT 2007-2013

GBPUSD Excalibur LOT 0.12007-2013

test results good

GBPOSD Excalibur 0.1 LOT 2007-2013

NZDUSD Excalibur LOT 0.1 2007-2013

test results unstable

NTSDYUSD Excalibur 0.1 LOT 2007-2013

USDCAD Excalibur LOT 0.1 2010-2013

test results unstable

USDSAD Excalibur 0.1 LOT 2010-2013

USDCHF Excalibur LOT 0.1 2010-2013

test results unstable

YUSDHF Excalibur 0.1 LOT 2010-2013

USDJPY Excalibur LOT 0.1 2010-2013

test results are very unstable

USDZHPI Excalibur 0.1 LOT 2010-2013

Thus, you cancollect a set of currency pairs for the expert on the basis of the tests and their evaluation.

Description Setting

  • Magic - Magic to distinguish orders in the EA.For different pairs have different magics.
  • EA_Comment - comment to placing orders.
  • MaxSpread - the maximum spread, at which the warrant will be issued.
  • Slippage - maximum slippage in which the warrant will be issued.
  • MM - settings section, set the size of the trading lot
  • FixedLots - specifies a fixed item for trade.
  • AutoMM - sets the maximum allowable lot to trade as a percentage of the deposit
  • AutoMM _Max - limiter for setting AutoMM
  • MaxAccountTrades - the maximum possible number of simultaneously open positions in the account.

recommended money management

recommended risk per trade from 2 to 5 percent.


Advisor Excalibur is profitable trend dolgosrochnikom stably operating for a long period.


to run correctly advisor trading platform should be included with the evening opening of the market on Sunday before it closed on Friday evening.If you are unable to keep the computer in working order 24/5, it is recommended to use VPS server service.

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Important!Nuances of the installation in new builds Metatrader 4

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