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Transferring old counselors for new builds MT4

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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen traders, we continue our lessons in MQL.Many of you faced with the fact that when you try to compile the old adviser to the new build error occurred.This is due to the fact that the new version of MetaTrader more "advanced" and the old mechanisms no longer work.So how do you convert forex advisor for new builds MT4?In fact the theme of this lesson, and will be transferred from the old advisors build on the new version of Metatrader 4.


Transfer advisors for new builds MT4

So, seeing this lesson, you now should be able to compile an old favorite adviser:

  • Take offline any old favorite adviser of those who have been laid out by our forum users on the site and transfer it to the new build.
  • Decision homework should be "screens" errors of the first compilation and a ready-made solution without any errors!

all your results, I'll be waiting at the forum in the respective branch.Do not hesitate to ask questions if something does not work out.

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