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The trading system is based on Synth Vol VSA - working with layers , confirmed the volume

Trading Strategy Synth Vol Forex

Hello, forex traders are friends!Today we will examine very interesting strategy SynthVol .It is interesting that one of the elements of the strategy - the analysis of the volume of VSA.In short, we will find significant levels formed by bursts of activity of traders and trade breakouts and rebound from them.

Features SynthVol

Trading System Platform: Metatrader 4
Currency pairs: any
Timeframe: M15-M30
trade time clock
Recommended DC: Alpari , Roboforex

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  • bullish and bearish volume
  • Economic calendar
  • Working with pending orders
  • How to trade breakouts levels

entry rules

Strategy Synth Vol entry rules

note the levels, educated only at the beginning of America's London + on volume near or above the level of 75 (for more details in the video).Candle, educated level should have a body.on Asian couples levels can be built and used.Levels are considering for the previous 2-3 days.

We sell breakdowns and rebound damping levels.

Breakdown level: full-bodied candle candles + 2-3 per level to confirm.Next limitnik next level.

End level: put limitnik next level.Either enter the market, if the price and so close.

How to be a retreat or a breakdown of the level?If the price is appropriate to the level in bull volumes (if the level is above the price) or bear (if the level is lower than the price), you expect the breakdown level.If the volumes are mixed, we expect a rebound.To analyze the volumes of view multiple timeframes.

P.S.It is difficult to explain the rules of the system in the form of text.So be sure to watch the video at the beginning of this review - everything is presented much more clearly.

Stop Loss and Take Profit

forex strategy synth vol stop-loss and take-profit

objectives and risks are determined by the indicator xADR 0.2renko (modified ADR).Stop-loss is about 30-35% of the 10-day adr, Take-profit - 50% of the ten-adr.If the candle next to the entry point is large, we try to stop-loss was for her shadow, the opposite direction of the transaction.

also pay attention to the levels - if the price is way support / resistance, it is better to put take profit at this level.

News and Money management

forex strategy synth vol money management and news

When trading on SynthVol strategy we pay attention only to the most important news, ignoring the rest.

risk recommended to use no more than 2-3% per trade.The calculation of the lot will help LotSizeCalculator indicator which is part of the system.


forex strategy synth vol conclusion

SynthVol Forex Strategy offers insights into market under non-standard angles, and even a cursory analysis of the system in the history indicates a high efficiency.

However, this TC is needed for profitable trading practices and basic skills with the procedure VSA.That does not detract from the merits of the strategy, and suggests the need for the trader's analytical thinking and a willingness to reflect before entering into transactions.

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