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Hello, dear Forex traders!We present our profitable forex advisor Silent Ilan, developed by our forumchanin Silentspec based on the ideas of the Apocalypse strategy.A distinctive feature of the adviser is a highly profitable strategy is based on the author's Ilan using the filters on the trend and the time used for the cross-rate EURAUD.Interestingly expert combination of high yield and relatively small drawdowns that qualitatively distinguishes it from a variety of known systems with martingale.

Advisor Features Silent Ilan

Platform: the Metatrader 4
version Adviser: 1.0
Currency pairs: any desirable EURAUD
Timeframe: M5
Hours: time filter or clock
Recommended broker: Forex4You

FAQ installation

silent ilan forex robot installation

Advisor install as usual.If you are new to the Forex robots and you have a lot of questions, - swing and watch the forex course on autopilot.Attention!As the adviser is potentially dangerous, be sure to read the article about the basic principles of trading robots based on averaging.

Strategy Advisor

Forex Advisor silent ilan strategy

This EA was written to our forumchanin Silentspec Strategy proposed by Sapphire's, and posted on the website

Login transaction is calculated on the indicators: standard RSI indicator looks at the period of the M5 and checked with indicator Ozymandias (to go in the direction of the main trend).When used loss rate increases by Martingale method (for more information about this method, see. Here).

Silent Ilan Advisor input Example in their indicators:

entrance screenshot Silent Ilan

Advisor is available in source code, so that all parameters can be changed and the strategy can be strongly modified.

Attention! Advisor «Silent Ilan» uses the martingale strategy.Sooner or later there will be a big loss, but with periodic withdrawal of investments, probability theory works in our favor.Following the withdrawal of the initial deposit, a dangerous strategy martingale immediately becomes break-even and highly profitable.

Bektesty advisor

Silent Ilan 2013 2014 EURAUD

The test used a settings file (preset) from the counselor developer.

monitoring real account

to monitor uses a pair EURAUD

Description Setting

Description forex advisor silent ilan settings

  • EA006 - time setting section
  • UseHour - use the filter on time, 1-inclusive, 0-off
  • StartTime - from this hour EA will open orders
  • StopTime - after that hour to finish the deal opens up new (top-up does not count).If you put 17, then owls finish in 17:59
  • UsePrint - display of messages in the log
  • Amplitude - setting indicator Ozymandias
  • ExpertName - expert name
  • FixTP -takeprofit
  • RSIPer - indicator period RSI
  • LT001 - money management section
  • Lots007 - customization options subsection calculation lots
  • LotVariant - version of the calculation of the lot: 1 - fixed.Lot, 3 min.lot X money
  • FixLot - Presumptive lot
  • MoneyForOneLot - the amount of money for one settlement lot
  • lotdecima l - number of decimal places in the lot count 0 - normal items (1)1 - mini lots (0.1), 2 - micro (0.01)
  • LotExponent - multiplier lot while setting the next generation.Example: The first lot of 0.1 series: 0.16, 0.26, 0.43 ...
  • DynamicPips - option to enable dynamic mode
  • DefaultPips - grid step size in pips
  • Glubina - kolichstvo last bars for calculating the volatility
  • DEL - parameter for calculating the grid orders.It is used in the calculations with DynamicPips and DynamicPips .

calculation example.

DefaultPips = 30

first switched mode (if FirstOrder = true ) in which the knee is placed 1st 1/3 of DefaultPips ie, 10 pips.
2nd knee put 2/3 of DefaultPips that is 20 pips.
third knee equals D efaultPips .

On 4th knee switched mode «Dynamic» where «DefaultPips» works in conjunction with the «DEL» (typically has a value of 3), and calculates the distance between your knees so:
depending on the market volatility of the past such as 30 (parameter «Glubina») pipstep bars can be set in the range:
from DefaultPips / DEL - is the minimum pipstep (in this case 10),
before DefaultPips * DEL - is the maximum pipstep (in this case 90).

That is, in a flat pipstep less, and more on the volatile market.

  • slip - the permissible slippage in points
  • MagicNumber - the magic number (Advisor helps to distinguish their bets by others)
  • MaxTrades maximal number of bends in a series of open orders
  • UseEquityStop - thisoption includes a loss limit function at the value true
  • TotalEquityRisk - the percentage of funds accounts for the loss limit.Upon reaching the specified value, all transactions are closed.

Attention! Complete with an adviser is a set file with the recommended settings.Do not forget to download it during installation.For more information about working with the presets can be found here.

recommended money management

Money Management Advisor silent ilan

not less than 1000 units of currency per lot 0.01 for each pair used.

Account type Minimum lot and step lot Min.initial deposit Examples Brokers
Sent-NDD 0.01 $ 10 (1000 cents) Forex4you
Cent 0.1 $ 100 Roboforex
Standard 0.01 $ 1000 Alpari
Pro account 0.1 $ 10,000 Classic type of account the majority of brokers


Finally profitable martingale silent ilan

Advisor Silent Ilan a profitable robot, based on the averaged,which successfully works on real accounts of traders at mandatory compliance with the rules for handling hazardous advisors.

Important !!!

to run correctly advisor trading platform should be included with the evening opening of the market on Sunday before it closed on Friday evening.If you are unable to keep the computer in working order 24/5, it is recommended to use VPS server service.

Advisor Download Silent Ilan

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