In what currency to open an account with Forex?

In what currency to open an account with Forex

Hello friends!In an era of instability in the economy, when even the Chinese Yuan and Swiss Franc in one day show the change rate at 20%, not to mention the Russian ruble, sharply raises the question: what is to keep the money?Well, given the specialization of our site, this question sounds like "What store money on Forex?» In what currency to open an account?

Today we will talk about the pros and cons of the accounts in euros, gold, Bitcoin, US dollars, Russian rubles and British pounds.


account in euro on forex

Problems in the Eurozone is increasing, all have more than obvious that Europe - no more than a puppet in the hands of the rulers of the United States.Some countries are trying to fight against the established order, but they are punished.Severely punished to discourage others were.As a result - rising unemployment, the euro tends to parity with the dollar.Those.We are only interested in Euro to travel to Europe for the holiday period.

When should I open an account in euro on the Forex?Only if you li

ve in the EU and use the European currency in their daily lives.Then it will be easier with the withdrawal of earned, asyou will avoid the conversion.Again, almost equivalent to the rate of the dollar makes the calculation of money management is not as complex as in the case with other deposit currencies.


gold accounts Forex

Gold has long been considered a safe haven for investors.When a crisis in the market real estate and stock markets, gold rate grew.

However, this is not so in recent years.From autumn 2011 the price of gold falls.During this time there were many crises, especially in Europe, but gold is not affected, it continues to fall.There is talk of a conspiracy of banks, but we are not talking about speculation.Below you can see the weekly chart the course XAUUSD (gold).


Talk about long-term growth is not necessary.Should I open an account with Forex in gold?Apparently not.Only if you are aiming at some very distant future, well, or just crazy about the yellow metal.Account can be opened in gold Alpari.


Forex Account in Bitcoins

Many of you have probably heard about Bitcoin cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), as well as about the people who made her fortune in a significant increase.In the wake of the popularity of its currency started to take some of the stores, as well as individual forex brokers, such FxOpen.

Besides the fact that Bitcoin in Russia is not very traded, the peak of their popularity for a long time has passed.would spend their capacity is too little, and understand the technical part, for many people it was not easy, and often lazy.The following course of Bitcoins as of this writing.

Bitcoin course

To fit the forex account in Bitcoin?Those who have a lot of Bitcoin, techno-geeks, hipsters amateur smoothies, full anonymity, fans and other questionable individuals.


Account Forex in rubles

not have to be a genius to guess that the Russian ruble is going through hard times.There is the classic advice - save in the currency in which are going to spend, but I would not follow him so blindly.About once every 5-10 years in Russian economic crises occur, prices are rising, the ruble falls.Those who are waiting for the old course at 36 rubles per dollar, I'm sorry is banal.Empty of hope, becauseour government is profitable high dollar - you can get more money for the same amount of oil.

I have already written about the technical disadvantages of accounts in rubles, I want to add that there is a plus - no conversion at withdrawal of funds.But it is too small to cover the remaining shortcomings ruble accounts on Forex.


Account Forex Pounds

In general, the British pound is very good currency, but count money management is somewhat more complicated than in the case of dollar bills.However, there is a danger that in the event of the collapse of the euro zone, it is also reflected on the pound.

In my opinion, to hold funds in pounds worth to those who live in the UK or expects global growth of the currency in the future.

US Dollars

Account Forex USD

most optimal choice.Despite all the talk about the imminent collapse of the dollar (which continued for 15 years), the currency is growing.Europe, like an obedient dog, waiting for orders from the White House.In any country, any native knows what dollars.You can love or not love America, but the fact remains - the US dollar is now the strongest currency.And it will remain so in the near future.

And of course the technical aspects - as1 old point of movement of the main currency pairs in the item 0.1 is about 1 dollar to dollar accounts convenient to count money management.All software is written for trading under the dollar accounts.Conversion in the derivation of funds can be avoided by opening a dollar bank account.

And what many people do not always think about.If you (as the majority of visitors to the site) reside in Russia and spend money in rubles, then opening an account in dollars, you actually borrow long-term long position for the pair are trading one fact is already open an account))

Of the minuses - difficult morally to buy dollars for rubles.But think what will happen is more likely: 1) The dollar exchange rate against the ruble plummet;2) The ruble will fall or remain at the same level.I somehow inclined to the second option.

In conclusion


So the most appropriate option for a merchant account - the US dollar.Nevertheless, in whatever currency you choose not to open an account with Forex, our mobile app will help you in calculating the trading lot.