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How to lock the auto-update MetaTrader 4

How to prevent update Metatrader 4

Dear friends, fellow forex traders!Unfortunately, our favorite Metatrader 4 trading platform has the ability to update your build (version) transparent to the user.A new builds MT4 rarely carry something good: mostly bugs, besides your old indicators and advisers "suddenly" may stop working.

Sadly, agree.Who is to blame and what to do?Fortunately, there is a way to disable the automatic update of the terminal and to protect your trading even if the problems with the software.

How does the auto-update?

How does the auto-update MT4

running Terminal will begin to download something, and then automatically restart in one day.Going again to the program and clicking on "Help" - "About", you will learn that your favorite build, for example, 762 became 840:

0001 0002

If you have multiple terminals on the computer and auto-updates run on someone, then the next time they are updated.

After updating some commercial utility, it is likely to stop working.

How to disable auto-update of the terminal?

how to prevent avtoapdeyt MT4

To do this, you need to make a

number of simple steps.

First, we need to find a terminal shortcut on your desktop.

clicking the right mouse button on the icon and from the menu select "Properties".

Then find the "object".In it set the path to the folder with the established trading terminal:


To disable auto-update appends a line structure: / skipupdate (do not forget the space before /)


Then click on"Apply" button.In this step you may see a warning message:


You press the "Continue" and exit the "Properties".

Now the terminal will not be automatically updated.You will remain the same build, which was at the time of the addition of this line.

Transferring old build to another device

MT4 build a transfer to another computer

Also, you may need to establish the current version of the terminal to another computer.How to build without losing version to install a new terminal on the device?

I must say that if you re-run the installation file of the program, it will automatically download the latest build of the server.

Therefore, we need to copy the folder with the installed program.In order to move the terminal with no data loss, we need to add to it the property of portability.

To do this, again go to "Properties" and find the string "Object»:


Adding another design in the string "Object»: / portable


In order to make the team work, notRemember to add a space in front of the inserted construct.Again, click "Apply" and save your changes.Now you can go to the folder with your terminal, easy to copy it to a flash drive and transfer the trading terminal, to where you want.

Unfortunately, over time, older builds are no longer supported by the developer.This is done in order to force traders to move to new builds.So at one point, your terminal may stop working.If this happens, you will have to download the new version and work with it.

Nevertheless, the described method for disabling Automatic Updates helps to protect themselves from early unstable versions of the build, which contains numerous errors.If we update and, at the stable version.

On this I have everything.So simple and clever way you can disable auto-update in its terminal.