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Forex Supremacy Strategy - earn profits without straining

Forex Strategy SUpremacy

«The opinion of the majority of people have always mistaken,
because most people are idiots»
Edgar Allan Poe

90% of traders in the forex lose.We have all heard this sad statistics.Some would say that it's bad, someone that is true, and in fact 9 out of 10 new businesses eventually closed.

But what if you ask, "How do we make money on it?"What if there is a way to learn how to trade against these same 90% worthless losers?The clear position of + verified mathematics fraught with tremendous force.

Today we look at the strategy Supremacy - shattering weapons power in the right hands, a lot has already brought the profit to many of our members of the forum.

Features Supremacy

Trading Strategy Platform: Metatrader 4
Timeframe: D1
trade time: once a day
Recommended DC: Roboforex, Forex4You, Alpari

reference section

Forex Supremacy Strategy Reference

  • How to trade pending orders
  • Forex Insider

indicator Basis strategy

The basis of Forex Supremacy Strategy

The crowd is always wrong.Most traders lose.As in the stock market and the forex.It follows from this - if we do not trade like other traders, we will be victorious.Question: how do you know where this is the crowd is?

Modern technology has leaped forward and now we have a wonderful service Myfxbook, which is used by hundreds of thousands of traders from around the world to conduct their trade statistics.And at the same time, traders are trading not only across the globe but also in almost all brokerage companies.Those.we are not limited to customers of one company, as in other data sources.

So, Myfxbook provides a summary of the positions of all traders page, which we will use to work on the Supremacy Strategy.

rules of entry and exit

Rules Supremacy Strategy

1. On the closing day candles go on

2. Look data pairs specified in our strategy characteristics.We find a pair for which the ratio of long and short positions is skewed 60% or more to one side.Those.for example 65% sell 35% of buy.

Mifksbuk an Outlook

If the ratio of positions on the pair does not skew of 60% or more in the same direction - we will ignore this pair.

3. On a pair / pairs with a strong bias in the proportion of positions are opening 2 orders in the opposite position of the majority.

For example, we have 70% of transactions on short GBPUSD, this means we will buy a pair.

on D1 schedule open a buy order at the current price, and place a limit order to buy at the Low (the lowest point of the candle) the last day candles.

Shopping for Supremacy Strategy

If a pair has a bias in favor of shopping, we sell at the market price and set a pending order for sale in High point closed down the daily candle.

And so on all pairs where there is a strong bias in favor of sales or purchases.

4. A day later, at the closing day candles, close all orders and remove quiescent otlozhki, regardless of the profit / loss size.

Stop-Loss and Take-Profit

Stop -loss strategy Supremacy

For orders, opened at the market price, set a stop-loss of 100 old settlements for pending - 50 points.

Money Management

Money management strategies in Supremacy

Recommended risk - Lot 0.01 for every 2000 units on deposit.Understand the size and type of the relevant account will table below.

Account type Minimum lot and step lot Min.initial deposit Examples Brokers
Sent-NDD 0.01 $ 20 (2000 cents) Forex4you
Cent 0.1 $ 200 Roboforex
Standard 0.01 $ 2000 Alpari
Pro account 0.1 $ 20,000 Professional account with most brokers


Additional options strategy Supremacy

- Derive 50% profit

every month - If close to closingcandles have news, we try to get as close as possible to the news, to watch out for traffic

- save on swaps: in pairs with positive swap transactions open to the close of the candle, and close after the close of the candle.Thus we get a double swap.

Pairs swap with a negative open order after the closing day candles and close to closing.

Swaps can be found here - & gt;

Acceleration deposit

acceleration of deposit TC supremacy forex

only extreme traders

With the increasing popularity of various acceleration depot bring extreme options for tradeSupremacy for the vehicle.If you are a trader - you do not need it, trade on the rules of money management, in the above-mentioned review.

  • can be doubled after each loss-making days (but not recommended).
  • can be doubled after each losing week.
  • can be doubled after each loss-making months.(Recommended)
    This increases the risk slightly, but significantly increases the profit.
  • You can only double the loss of a certain amount of points.For example, a loss for the week amounted to more than 200 points, the next week sell double lot.

Since our funds diversified into many orders and currency pairs, there is practically impossible in the absolute drawdown.
Therefore, we can increase the risks to the limit.Multiply the minimum lot of 10 (for 5,000 eur / usd - item 0.1).Thus, when all stops we lose 30% of the deposit, which is highly unlikely, but respectively
profit grows 10 times.deposit unit is specially designed for two absolute drawdown plus a margin, as well as an unusually high margin on USDCHF.With this method of doubling trade all categorically excluded.


Forex Strategy Supremacy conclusion

Forex Supremacy strategy, despite its apparent simplicity conceals enormous power and potential.Study TC thread in the forum - you'll find plenty of options to apply its traders: someone puts Teika, who is holding the position for longer days - you can choose what suits you, or stay on the standard version, which is also highly profitable.

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