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Forex Advisor fxmath daily trader

Hello, dear fellow forex traders.We present our forex advisor FxMath DailyTrader .Its distinguishing feature is the work of several pairs of the trend with an interesting algorithm.In this review we will test it on a variety of currency pairs (each pair has its own version of the expert) and evaluate the results.

Advisor Features

Platform: the Metatrader 4
version Adviser: 1.0
Timeframe: D1
Hours: around the clock
Recommended brokers: Forex4You


fxmath daily trader certificate installation

Advisor install as usual.If you are new to the Forex robots and you have a lot of questions, - swing and watch the forex course on autopilot.

Attention!In this configuration the EA and for each pair tamfreym same.H Detailed Settings for each pair is already registered in the code, so just open the desired pair on the correct timeframe (D1) and advisor to attach to each chart.

advisor strategy

strategy advisor fxmath daily trader

Advisor refers to the trend robots that trade with high volatility.

Trade method: entry into the trend for large movements after kickbacks.When calculating the signal to open and close using the classic indicators: RSI, CCI, Momentum.A distinctive feature of the adviser is that it opens up new orders at exactly 00.00 and closes at 23h 59m time broker.Therefore, brokers with significant difference in the server time trading results will differ.
expert does not use averaging techniques with loss such as the martingale, and is a stable trading robot, designed for long-term performance.The benefits adviser FxMath DailyTrader also should include the work on the D1 timeframe, that is, control over the work of the adviser can be made at any time.

Bektesty advisor

Bektesty made for each pair separately, asMetatrader 4 platform does not allow for multi tests.

EURUSD 2012-2015

FhMath DailiTrader ЁROSD 2012 2015

consider the results for each month:

FhMath DailiTrader ЁROSD 2012

FhMath DailiTrader ЁROSD 2013

, FhMath DailiTrader ЁROSD 2014

FhMath DailiTrader ЁROSD 2015

test results are acceptable.

EURJPY 2012-2015

FhMath DailiTrader ERZHPY 2012 2015

consider the results for each month:

FhMath DailiTrader ERZHPY 2012 FhMath DailiTrader ERZHPY 2013 FhMath DailiTrader ERZHPY 2014 FhMath DailiTrader ERZHPY 2015

test results are acceptable.

GBPUSD 2012-2015

FhMath DailiTrader GBPOSD 2012 2015

consider the results for each month:

FhMath DailiTrader GBPOSD 2012

FhMath DailiTrader GBPOSD 2013

FhMath DailiTrader GBPOSD 2014

FhMath DailiTrader GBPOSD 2015

test results are acceptable.

USDCAD 2012-2015

FhMath DailiTrader USDSAD 2012 2015

consider the results for each month:

FhMath DailiTrader USDSAD 2012 FhMath DailiTrader USDSAD 2013 FhMath DailiTrader USDSAD 2014 FhMath DailiTrader USDSAD 2015 test results are acceptable.

USDJPY 2012-2015

FhMath DailiTrader USDZHPI 2012 2015 consider the results for each month:

FhMath DailiTrader USDZHPI 2012

FhMath DailiTrader USDZHPI 2013

FhMath DailiTrader USDZHPI 2014

FhMath DailiTrader USDZHPI 2015

test results are acceptable.

References used in Article bektesty (self-analysis):




FxMath DailyTrader USDCAD 2012 2015


Using EA Analyzer program will make a consolidated Steytment over all pairs.

FhMath DailiTrader ALL 2012 2015

Conclusion: Advisor on all 5 pairs show profit growth without a serious drawdown.However, we must be prepared for the fact that some time advisor yield may "mark time".

monitoring real account

to monitor use pairs:


settings Description

robot settings as follows:

FhMath DailiTrader Parameter

  • _s1 - section parameter settings
  • pRSI1 ... pRSI22 indicators - period settings from RSI
  • pCCI6 ... pCCI19 indicators - parameters periods have indicators CCI
  • pLongConsty_2, pLongConsty_12 - filter options to enter the buy positions
  • pShortConsty_2, pShortConsty_12 - filter options to enter the sell position
  • UseMoneyManagement - automatic calculation of the lot by calculating it as a percentage of equity.If you want to trade fixed lot, this parameter must be equal to false .
  • Lots - the value of a fixed item, it uses the Advisor if UseMoneyManagement well false
  • LotsDecimals - granularity of the minimum lot.If the broker allows the use of the minimum items 0.01, then LotsDecimals = 2 if the minimum lots 001, LotsDecimals = 1
  • RiskInPercent - risk exposure relative to equity, its Advisor uses if UseMoneyManagement well true
  • MaximumLots - it sets the maximum possible lot.This setting is made for more protection properly exposed values ​​ Lots or RiskInPercent
  • _s1 - section other settings
  • MaxSlippage - the maximum allowed slippage for which will be issued warrants
  • CustomComment - commentary on orders advisor
  • Magic Number - Magic warrants this pair.Each pair must be set a Magic Number.
  • EmailNotificationOnTrade - to enable or disable notifications to your e-mail about the adviser acts.If you want to receive these notifications, the option must be true. To configure notifications, use the information from the article How to set up a notification email in MT4

Attention!Do not change anything in the EA settings and use only the recommended values, if not exactly understand what you are doing!

recommended money management

Money Management Advisor fxmath daily trader

recommended risk on the transaction in the amount of 2 percent.


Advisor FxMath DailyTrader is stable and secure trading robot, the use of which is profitable in the long run.However, in the short-term profitability may be some time in the neutral zone, you have to be ready.


to run correctly advisor trading platform should be included with the evening opening of the market on Sunday before it closed on Friday evening.If you are unable to keep the computer in working order 24/5, it is recommended to use VPS server service.

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