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TC "Va - Bank" for a simple and understandable deposit Acceleration

forex strategy to break up the deposit for broke

Good day, Forex traders comrades.

I would like to continue the topic raised in the article, "Why do you have to think differently than other traders."Namely, the use of innovative approaches to trade and finding its "advantages" in a price chaos.A brilliant example is the trading strategy « Wah Bank «, offered by our forumchanin under the name goldedition.

And because of the high probability of working off of take-profit, coupled with the non-standard system of money management, TC "Va-Bank" can also be used for such a popular "acceleration" of the deposit.

Features Wah Bank

Trading System Platform: Any
Timeframe: H1 + D1 + W1
trade time: once a week
Recommended DC: Alpari, Roboforex

reference section

information on ts broke

  • installation strategies Guide
  • Working with pending orders
  • Advisor Ilan
  • Acceleration Deposit

principle at the heart of the system

principle strategy for broke that sharply and strongly increased, to fall.Or at least a little to correct.spring principle, perfected and completed.

Instead of simply climb against this motion, we choose from a number of pairs (see. TC characteristics) is the "weak link".Namely, the pair held the highest number of points for the week.With a probability of 6 to 1, it revert to 50-100 points.You can explain this correction, fixation of profits by market makers, the removal stops "missed the train" does not matter.The main thing - that the principle works and brings us money.Live crispy banknotes, which are so convenient to be stored under the pillow.

Inputs and outputs

How to enter the market tf Island Bank Thus, the algorithm is very simple:

1) At the end of the week, after the market close, we estimate the distance from the point to the Open Close to the weekly candle all of pairs used in the strategy.

2) Choose a pair that took the longest distance for a week, that is,with largest dimension candle body.

3) For this pair, and we will enter the market at the opening.And we will go in the opposite direction towards the weekly candles.So, if the weekly candle was bullish, we will sell if the bear - buy.

4) take profit 50 points, stop loss - 100-110.

5) After 2 days, if not worked nor a take or stop, close order, regardless of profit or loss.

6) More on this week will not sell, spend earned money on whiskey and women.

Money management

Money Management ts broke do 10-20% per month is good, but without the involvement of investors, not enough financial life.And that is why many are looking for a "drive" a small deposit.This is just the vehicle for that is because of the high% Operation Take.

So, we expect to start the depot and the lot so that the stop-loss, if it works, took us about 80% of the deposit.For example, if we deposit $ 120, then 0.1 lot trading, in the case of triggering stop-loss (100 points) we will lose about $ 100.Such depot size and the lot need to have not issued the stop-out, while we in the transaction.

Next.After the two transactions (get 100% profit), we derive a profit.Once we arrived at the 300% increase the deposit twice.Repeat cycle.

course, TC "Va-Bank" can also be applied to "conventional" risk 2-5% per trade.


strategy broke further

  • enter the market is not at the opening, but after 5-10 minutes.When spreads will bounce back.
  • To calculate the body size of the candle is convenient to use an indicator Candle Body Size , can be downloaded at the end of this review
  • To increase profits, it is possible to enter the market is not market orders and otlozhkami, setting them with the expectation that the market will continue the previousmovement on the N-tion number of items, before moving in our direction.It is not necessary to be greedy - otlozhki at a distance of 10-15 points is enough.
  • safest to go only one pair per week
  • If you're still itching to do, after working the take-profit and is in a "loss", provided that one or two of the other couples (with a weekly candle) in relation to thethe direction of the proposed transaction by at least 50 points, you can re-enter the market.But in this case it will increase the number of failed transactions.
  • For extreme .For knights without fear and without reproach, the warriors of light, goodness and freedom: You can use the auto-martingale using Ilan Advisor.Also, find a pair that will trade this week, determine the direction of the transaction, put Ilan only purchase or only sale with lot of about 0.01 for every $ 100 deposit, take profit = 50 points, a step to open additional.orders 50 points, a factor of 2 or 3 (no longer standing).Two days later, turn off the Advisor and close the remaining warrants.


forex strategy broke conclusion Forex Strategy "Va-Bank" is undoubtedly of interest.First, the non-standard approach, and secondly - money management features, which in combination with a high probability of achieving take-profit, making the vehicle a powerful weapon for the deposit, which many novice traders tend to disperse itself.

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