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Technical Forex Analysis for 02/12/2016

Hello.Below is some advice on forex trading on 12.02.2016

Calendar anticipated events

10:00 Eurozone.German GDP
16:30 US.The base index of retail prices
16:30 US.Retail sales


YuSDHFDaili 12202016

on USDCHF pair formed a small pin-bar on the level of 0.97000.The level is not very serious, but we can go up a little in the correction and podnabrat buyers.I continue to consider selling this pair, with the expectation of continuation of the fall.


USDSADDaili 12022016

On USDCAD pair formed a Doji in the area of ​​1.39500.Above rates do not start and I think worth the wait to continue falling and the breakdown level of 1.38000.From sales to refrain think is due to a number located level of 1.38000.After the break we will have to sell.


AUDOSDaili 12022016

On AUDUSD pair once again did not let the price below 0.7000 and formed a Pin Bar.I continue to consider buying this pair with objectives 0,73000-0,74000.


ERZhPIDaili 12022016

On EURJPY pair last Ping bar on the level of 129.00 is not fulfilled and the price returned to the

outset of the last frame, again forming a pin-bar.I think you can try to buy again with the expectation that the level of 127.00 again will keep.

Fundamental analysis


Asian stocks sank due to banking concerns, which are now added to a number of global economic issues.

On Friday, Asian stocks fell, responding to concern about the health of European banks, threatening the global economic outlook, already under stress from falling oil prices and the slowdown of the Chinese market, the subsequent shocks.

Rates on the yen, gold and government bonds "stable" countries rose, as investors rushed to the traditional safe assets.

Nobody, of course, does not expect a large-scale forced and aggravation of the financial crisis, but it will be some time before the market sentiment will improve.

MSCI index for shares of the Asia-Pacific region outside of Japan fell by 0.5%.Japan's Nikkei fell 5.3% to a 15-month low, as an unexpected surge in the yen caught most investors by surprise.

Financial markets showed a slowdown in Australia and Hong Kong, although the decline is still modest compared with Europe and the United States.

Strengthened Yen touched the mark of 110,985 against the dollar on Thursday, rising by almost 10% as compared to its six-week low reached on January 29 when the Bank of Japan introduced a negative interest rate.

Advanced MSCI stock markets fell by 0.6% in Asia today, flirting with the lowest level since June 2013.

Index fell more than 20% below the record highs of May last year, suggesting that funds flow to the bear market.

On Wall Street, S & amp; P fell 1.23 to 1.829.08, the lowest closing for the last two years, slipping down to 10.5% for the year.


index of leading European shares FTS Eurofirst 300 fell 3.7%, the lowest level in 2.5 years.

Financial indicators led losses around the world, including noting the disappointing earnings from Societe Generale, to what should be added to the gloomy mood caused by poor results Deutsche Bank last month.

Banks in Europe, closed at 6.3%, while the financial index S & amp; P fell by 3%.

Stress in the financial sector provoking concern that financing conditions for some companies can make many of the world's central banks to pump their funds through unconventional measures.

Oil and gold

Financial drought may also hailed the death knell for some energy companies as oil trading results, is almost 25% reduction of its value just a few years ago.

Gold surged to a one-year high of $ 1,262.90 an ounce on Thursday, rising to four per cent and showing its biggest daily percentage gain since September of 2013, amounting to 1.237.5.

oil futures at US $ 27.44, an increase of 4.7%, obtained from the comments of the OPEC Ministers express my sincere hopes for a coordinated global production.

International benchmark Brent futures rose 4.3% to $ 31.35

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