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Forex Ultra Filter - rough and tough approach to the market

Forex Ultra Filter Strategy

Hello, forex traders are friends!

market - it is like a woman, and sometimes requires perseverance, rough approach.Simple and tough decisions.After all, our main goal - to make a profit, albeit not quite elegant way.

Today we look very simple and effective strategy Forex Ultra Filter , designed specifically for the pair AUDUSD.Follow her to be able to even a novice.Author TC, our forumchanin XTPUSD increased its deposit by up to 6 times per year.

Features Forex Ultra Filter

Strategy Platform: the Metatrader 4
Currency pairs: AUDUSD
Timeframe: H1 + H4
trade time clock
Recommended DC: Alpari, Roboforex

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Help Forex Ultra Filter

  • Setting strategies MT4
  • files How to trade AUDUSD

Basis strategy


If we look at the daily chart of the AUDUSD (see. above), the naked eye can see a clear trend swings and begging to take themprofit.This allows to keep the position for a long time.

obvious conclusion - we need a good trigger to the input / output and optimal levels of Take / risks.And of co

urse do not forget about money management.

Inputs and outputs

Inputs for Forex Ultra Filter strategy

Inputs are made using LED Ultra Filter.All very simple: enter when you change the color of the indicator.Red - sell, blue - buy.

And that is important - we LOG AT THE OPENING OF SIGNAL SPARK , unlike many other indicator strategies, where the entrance is carried out after the closing of the signal soon as the opening of a candle appeared signal - immediately open the warrant.We enter a market order is not immediately on the signal bar, and put otlozhku based on the opening price of the spread of the signal bar.

Output - when the opposite signal indicator (coup transaction) or by stop-loss / take-profit.



Stop-Loss and Take-Profit
Stop-loss and take-profit in forex ultra Filter

Stop Loss for this strategy is 70 points, which roughly corresponds to the average daily volatility of the Australian dollar.

Take-profit - 210 points.Those.3 times more than the SL.

Money Management

Forex ultrafilter Monya management

Recommended risk - Lot 0.01 for every $ 100 deposit.


Forex Ultra Filter addition

the system inputs are carried out around the clock, regardless of the current trading session.On the way out of economic news, do not pay attention.

Option system of N 2

Option Strategy 2

There is also a longer-term version of the system for those who do not have time to follow the H1.

Trade is carried out at four-hourly chart (H4), input / output signals is also on display.Stop-loss is 150 pips, take profit 450.


forex ultra filter conclusion

strategy Forex Ultra Filter shows that even the brute force approach to market analysis in compliance with the rules gives profit.This system is suitable for those traders who are attracted to the simplicity and the absence of the need to give a lot of mental energy to daily market analysis.

from the system deficiencies can be noted subsidence, often long-lasting, becausewe are trying to capture the major trends.This system is similar to the well-known strategy of Turtles.

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