How to open a Demo Account

How to open a demo account on forex

Day One.A friend told another friend that the forex you can earn.She said that for this it is necessary to undergo « forex for dummies » (sounds like something for the losers).You immediately decided to try his hand in the trade.Registered accounts, brought a certain amount of money and on the first day all lost.Perhaps another friend was not so wrong.You could avoid the drain of money passed the basic course, and also for training would try to trade on a demo account.Our today's lesson is about opening a demo account for trading on Forex.

What is a demo account?

What is a demo account on forex

Demo account - a virtual account with virtual money, is almost completely identical to the present.Trading via this account, you absolutely no risk, but the return on this account also virtual.Trading on a demo account is MANDATORY practice for every beginning trader.No one has ever consciously did not earn a penny began to trade without prior preparation.

All trading systems, strategy, first advisors and indicators MUST run-on demo account, and then applied to the real account.After you complete the basic course « forex for dummies » you need a minimum of three months to work on a demo account.

Differences demo account from the real

Differences demo account from the real

As we previously mentioned, the demo account is almost identical to the present.Try to understand what is the difference.

price quotations and real and demo accounts can sometimes be a little different for different brokers.This is due to the fact that the demo account is processed at a lower priority.Here we are talking about 4 - 5 five-digit points.Often, many brokers demo account four-and five-figure real accounts.

Differences demo account from the real Four-digit and five-digit prices .How to open a demo account

Sometimes it confuses newcomers confused and they have to adapt to everything again.In the demo accounts there is another confusing advantage - the execution of transactions on demo accounts almost perfect (due to the fact that the virtual money will not appear) requotes and slippage almost completely absent.All these shortcomings relate to: scalpers, scalpers, traders selling on the news, a variety of advisors with the critical entry points and deadlines.These differences do not relate to: traders make few transactions per day, and any other long-term investors.Such people will not notice the difference at all, and if you are a beginner, this is exactly what you sell and will.

open a demo account via Personal Area Go to the broker's website, click the Open button Account .

The first way of opening a demo account Alpari profile will appear in front of you, which are requested to fill in the required fields.I recommend to indicate valid data, so that later, in the not encountered difficulties.

The first way of opening a demo account Alpari Stage 1

wait until receipt of the access codes

The first way of opening a demo account Alpari Stage 2

when sending data After a few seconds you will get to your personal account.All necessary data for duplicated mail provided during registration.To continue opening a demo account, go to the section «Open account» and click on «Forex, spot metals, CFD .

The first way of opening a demo account Alpari Stage 3

Follow instructions

The first way of opening a demo account Alpari Stage 4

receive data to access the demo account and go to the fifth stage of the discovery and download of the trading terminal.

The first way of opening a demo account Alpari Stage 5

in a private office, where there is information on the details of your demo account, see the link to download the trading terminal MetaTrader 4. This program is essential for trade, both on demo and on live accounts.

Choosing a platform of interest to us, and we download it.

The first way of opening a demo account Alpari Stage 6

wait until the file download is complete, find it and proceed with the installation.

During the installation agree with all the terms.In the Alpari Limited MT 4 you must enter your login details in the demo account to log in to the terminal.

The first way of opening a demo account Alpari Stage 7

return to the private office, find the section «My Account" - "Trading accounts" - "Teaching account» In just the window that appears, we can see our demo account.

The first way of opening a demo account Alpari 8 stage

Enter the relevant information in support of user name and password of our account.

The first way of opening a demo account Alpari stage 9

Make sure to connect accounts, we can look at the lower right corner of the screen displays the current connection status.If there is no connection, then, respectively, and there is no connection.

open a demo account via Metatrader 4

Now consider the possibility of opening an account through the trading terminal.Go to «File" menu - "Open account" - choose the type of account - "New Demo Account» .Filling the fields proposed to us does not matter, unless the e-mail should be a little accurate.And you can enter any characters in other fields.

The second way of opening a demo account through the trading terminal

These accounts after pressing «Next» store in a convenient place for themselves.


Why on a demo account I win, but in real life merge?

Drain on a demo account

in everyday life can be heard quite often that the demo account is very different from the real one.As proof of this assertion can even lead State (reports) that supposedly demo I'm always in the black, but only in the real world in the red.The reasons for this may be several:

  1. you do not see the difference between a five-digit and four-digit real accounts Demo account;
  2. you scalper scalper, trading on the news;
  3. you not understood from your advisor settings;
  4. you psychologically difficult to separate the real and virtual money. main mistake a novice trader, is that it can be stuck on a demo account for all and ultimately completely lose interest in forex trading because of the fear of losing real money. strongly recommend to explore the basics of trading psychology at work in the forex - handy.


Opening a demo account conclusion

As you probably already understand, a demo account is a mandatory attribute for beginners, and can be used by experienced traders to test and develop new strategies.Still, before registering a demo account is strongly recommended to undergo « forex for dummies «.