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Trading System Green Red Candle - maybe what you 've been looking for

forex strategy green red candle Greetings, fellow traders.Let's face it - simple forex strategies work better than complex.I think you just heard it and certainly firsthand.

What do we know about the price?1) It can move down, it can move up.2) The trend (trend) tends to proceed.What can we do with this knowledge?It turns out a lot.You probably guessed this approach, I suspect that it is.But the thought: "No, it's too easy.It can not be".

May.Meet - strategy Green Red Candle , the full power of the incredible simplicity of the system in action.

Features TC Green Red Candle

Platform: Any
Timeframe: D1
Trade Time: once a day
Recommended DC: Alpari,Roboforex

reference section

information on Green Red Candle strategy

  • How to put pending orders
  • Fibonacci
  • trailing stop
  • gaps in the forex

Rules entrance

Green Red Candle entry rules

If the daily candle closed the opposite color to the previous candle setpending order in the direction of the new movement to 1 point above / below High / Low.

Stop-Loss and Take-Prof

Stop Loss and Take Profit in green red candle strategy

Stop-loss set by about 5 points below / above the opposite Low / High.

take profit is placed at the level of 200 Fibonacci stretched from the extreme points of the signal candle.Those.Take Profit is essentially equal to the stop-loss.

exit Variations

exit options in green red candle strategy

- To exit, you can use Trailing Stop size 160 fibo (0.6 stop loss)
- trailing stop at 175 fibo and take profit increased to levels of 300 or 400 fib (stop loss multiplied2 or 3, respectively)
- Partial closure, transfer to breakeven - at your discretion.

Money management

Money Management in green red candle strategy

Sinceparticipate in the work of several currency pairs, do not forget about the total risk.10% of the deposit for all couples maximum.So, if you decided to use the total risk of 6% to 6 couples, the risk for each position should not exceed 1%.

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additions to mc green red candle

- if there is a new signal in the opposite direction with an open transaction, the transaction does not close the old, put a new otlozhku
- per day if the order is not activated - remove it
- if the order 2-3 days is not activated -this pair is not sell, waiting for a new direction, the termination of the flat
- on the news do not pay attention, in the news release the day, it is possible to increase the take up 300 Fibo
- if you lose 3 consecutive days, you can double the lot on day 4 (for the deposit overclocking fans)
- Friday night do not sell, waiting for the opening of the market (not to get on the gaps)
- if the daily candle quite a bit has not held up to the take-profit and closed, it is better to get out of this position, albeit with a slightly lower profit


Forex green red candle strategy conclusion

trading system Green Red Candle demonstrates the power of the classical approach KISS (Keep It Stupidly Simple), iemaximum simple trade.Reviews of ordinary traders in the original thread gives a picture of a profitable trading strategy on this.It is necessary to pay attention to money management, aswhen working with a plurality of pairs with rather big feet, it is easy to go into drawdown.You may want to consider using a cent accounts, if you have a small deposit.