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Overview Metatrader 4 trading terminal

Trading Forex Terminal Metatrader 4 Video

trading terminal - is a program for trade, for the implementation of market-oriented operation of the pending orders, technical analysis with forex indicators and trading systems that work with advisers.On the Forex market the most popular platform for trading is the trading platform Metatrader 4. In this video review we will get acquainted with the program and learn how to use it for successful forex trading.

Main menu

file. This menu Commands for working with graphics, profile management, preservation of historical data and charts, and printing graphs.

1c menu ( File ) Metatrader 4

The following menu commands are available:

  • Open a new schedule - the list from which you can choose any or currency pairs, Metals, CFD indexes and contacts;

2 Menu ( File - new order ) Metatrader 4

  • Open autonomously - allows you to open a previously downloaded historical data for the selected assets;

3 Menu ( File - Open offline ) Metatrader 4

  • Open Remote - opens a graph that has just been closed;
  • Profiles - the use of one of the current terminal configuration profiles or save your own;

4 Menu ( File - Profiles ) Metatrader 4

  • Close - produces the closure of the current currency pair;
  • Save As - allows you to save the current open pair as an independent file with some podgruzhenny history.This file can be opened via the "open offline";

5 Menu ( File - Save As ) Metatrader 4

  • Save As Picture - save the active workspace in the form of an image;

6 Menu ( File - Save As Picture ) Metatrader 4

  • Open Data Catalogue - opens the main directory of the program data (you need to install additional advisors and indicators);
  • Open account - allows you to select the server and connect to an existing trading account or register a new demo-account;

7 - 1

7 - 2

  • up to the trading account - fast connection to the trading account;

8 Menu ( File - to connect to the trading account ) Metatrader 4

  • Authorize in - allows you to go at accounts to be able to acquire the trading robots, indicators, as well as copy of the transaction other traders in the "signals" section or order the development of commercial applications when "freelance";

9 Menu ( file -avtorizovatsya in MQL5

  • Print Settings - setting the current state of the printer;
  • Preview - allows us to consider the settings applied to your image area;
  • Print - print necessary data;
  • Out - close the terminal.

view. Here you can find all the necessary tools to configure the interface: service windows, toolbars, as well as the interface language.Below, characterize each of the teams, proposed the "View" menu:

  • language - as you may have guessed, this command is used for the interface language setting;

10 Menu ( view -Language ) Metatrader 4

  • Toolbar - set of commands to configure the toolbar allows you to add some tools and submenus to the panel: graphic tools, setup menus, graphics, etc.

11 menu ( View - Toolbars ) Metatrader 4

  • Symbols - adds a number of exotic instruments that are not present in the "New schedule" default file.Different brokers set of trading tools can vary;

12 Menu ( view - symbols ) Metatrader 4

  • Market Overview (also, you can call the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + M) - is a service window in which the user is invited to look at the current state of quotations;The adaptation caused by pressing the right mouse in the menu structure.

13 menu ( View - Market Watch ) Metatrader 4

  • Data Window - In this window, the user can view information about the status of the last open candle.Also, you can view data for each candle arbitrarily chosen, hovering the cursor on it;

14 menu ( View - Data Window ) Metatrader 4

  • Navigator (Ctrl + N) - is a navigation window in which tree-organized way information: lists accounts, indicators, advisors.

15 Menu ( view navigator ) Metatrader 4

Terminal .The terminal is a window offering a wide range of opportunities for work.This control of trade, and view news, and monitor account history, tools to configure the necessary signals, as well as the postal service, and the system log.The window is called the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + T, or the command "View & gt; terminals".Now let's talk more about each of the tabs Terminal:

16 Menu (type terminal ) Metatrader 4

  • Trade - here all the necessary information about the status of open positions and pending orders, and, in addition, here you can fully control the trade, as well as track the aggregate financial statistics on the open positions;
  • assets - asset allocation;
  • Account history - the history of trading operations, as well as a state of balance (not including open positions).Mainly used to assess the efficiency of trade;
  • news - indispensable submenu to view a terminal connected to the news database, displaying the key trade event in the world of economics and finance;
  • Alerts - it signals notifying the trader of various events in the market;
  • Mailbox - internal mail;
  • Market - quick access to the applications store;
  • Signals - Trading Signals broadcast traders through the MQL5 community;
  • Library - date information to traders;
  • experts - monitoring of those or other experts connected: state positions, orders and other data;
  • Magazine - registration of the terminal and retail operations.

Tester strategies.This tool makes it possible to predetermine the most effective inputs for the advisor, immediately before its launch.Tester maintains records and analysis of quotations, making virtual transactions starting from the known specific algorithm.In general, it helps to analyze trading systems on the history of quotations.We will not dwell on a detailed review of this section, because we already have a review dedicated to the "Strategy Tester".

17 menu ( View - Strategy Tester ) Metatrader 4

full screen.Called as a hot key F11.It allows you to expand the graph to fill the screen, hiding all of the additional menu.

Box .In this menu, grouped all the necessary overlay on the chart objects.This technical indicators, graphical technical analysis tools, as well as text and symbols.Sub-menu "Lights", it gathers all the most popular technical indicators that can be overlaid on the chart.Walk through the submenus: lines, channels, Gann, Fibonacci, shapes, villas Andrews, circular line - graphical technical analysis tools.

18 Menu (Box ) Metatrader 4

  • Shapes - geometrical shapes to highlight required fields on the chart;
  • icons - different symbols (arrow marks) for providing the necessary relevant points;
  • Text - allows you to insert text that is, as a rule, to comment on the schedule.It is important to note that the text is attached to a chart and moves according to it when scrolling;
  • Text label - but this text is tied to the window, not the graphics and it does not move when you scroll.

Charts.Here you can find instructions for effective management of charts and indicators.

Sub Menu "Objects" allows you to control these or other objects superimposed.Menu contains the following commands:

19 Menu ( graphics ) Metatrader 4

  • list of objects - brings up a window where you can manage the imposed objects.
  • delete the last object (shortcut Backspace) - removes the last item put on the chart;
  • Delete all selected (or Delete) - delete all selected objects from the chart you;
  • Deselect all - cancels selection, applied to objects;
  • Undo Delete (or Ctrl + Z) - returns to the chart the remote object;
  • Bars - a graph in the form of consecutive bars;
20 Menu (charts - bars ) Metatrader 4
  • Candlesticks - a candlestick;

21 Menu ( graphics - candles ) Metatrader 4

  • Line - is a graph as a broken line;

22 Menu ( graphics - line ) Metatrader 4

  • Graph top - displays a graph in the foreground, and the graphics and displays are moved under the schedule;
  • period - the choice between nine timeframes;

23 Menu ( graphics - period ) Metatrader 4

  • Template - sub-menu to manage and edit templates;

24 Menu ( graphic - template ) Metatrader 4

  • Update - updates the schedule;
  • Grid - activates and deactivates grid in the chart;

25 Menu ( graphics - Net ) Metatrader 4

  • Volumes - add or remove volumes on the chart;

26 Menu ( graphics - volumes ) Metatrader 4

  • Autoscroll - activates or deactivates the auto scroll;

27 Menu ( Charts - Auto Scroll ) Metatrader 4

  • shift schedule - schedule records or detaches from the conventional line adjustable small a triangle;
  • Zooming in and out - increases or decreases the schedule;
  • Step by step - to scroll the chart forward one candle.You can do this by pressing F12.This auto-updating to be disabled;
  • Properties - allows you to define certain settings for the interface, including changing the color scheme and design elements.

28 Menu ( graphics - properties ) Metatrader 4

Service .The set of service commands and settings:

  • New Order - Window for managing orders, where you can place market and pending orders;

29 Menu ( service - a new schedule ) Metatrader 4

  • History Center - brings up a window for managing historical data, where you can change the quotes used for plotting;

30 Menu ( Tools - History Center ) Metatrader 4

  • Global variables - also called F3 button and bring up a list of the terminal global variables;
  • Editor MetaQuotes Language - the F4, respectively, opens advisers editor where you can edit the expert, as well as create their own indicators;

31 Menu ( Tools - MetaQuotes Language Editor ) Metatrader 4

  • Settings - window key client terminal settings.

You can make your terminal settings in a special window, which opens the Tools & gt; Settings or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O.In turn, all the settings are in separate tabs:

32 Menu ( Tools - Settings ) Metatrader 4

  • Server - here you can specify the necessary settings for connecting to the server, configure the proxy settings, and change other connection;
  • Charts - In this tab, customizable graphs display.There are set and regulated period separators, ask-price levels and OHLC line.Also, there is given the number displayed on the chart bars;
  • Objects - there are set parameters of the objects, including the parameters of "primagnichevaniya";
  • Trade - in this tab, you can set the properties of the opening of each new order by default.This characteristics of financial instruments and the amount of lots and deviation;
  • Advisors - here a number of general settings for all advisors.You can set the parameters of the prohibition of their operation, import functions from external libraries and advisors, and other;
  • alert - the ability to customize notifications of service metaquotes;
  • Mail - is governed by the parameters of the internal mail.If you want to send messages directly from the terminal, you need to turn to the tab;
  • FTP - to gain access to the FTP directory for data transmission;
  • Events - here performed setting of the intra-event signals.This signals indicating a lack of communication, notifications and other signals intended to facilitate the work of the terminal;
  • Community - lets can login to the MQL5 community;
  • signals - connection and setup a subscription to receive signals from MQL5.

window.There activated commands for window management schedules.Here you can set for itself a way to display charts or open a new window:

Window Metatrader 4

At the bottom of the Window menu lists all the windows graphics, while the active window highlighted tick.To activate a different schedule, you need to select the appropriate tool from the list.

FAQ. Running commands in this menu has no effect on the operation of the terminal.From this menu you can:

FAQ Metatrader 4

Help menu, as you may have guessed, allows you to call a built-in reference, which is a user's guide to all settings and functions of the terminal.You can call the help Shortcut F1.

About - here all the necessary information about the company issuing the terminal, as well as its current version.

consider cryptographic menu from the Quick Access Toolbar:

42 Cryptographic menu Metatrader 4

Opening positions

Then proceed to the opening of transactions and to the terminal.There are two ways of opening the transaction - the current price (the market), or by using a pending order.

When opening a position "immediate execution" must specify the following parameters:

43 Opening of the transaction Metatrader 4

  • symbol - the choice of the financial instrument;
  • volume - specify the trade volume (amount of lots);
  • Stop Loss - set the stop loss;
  • Take Profit - set the limiter profit;
  • Comment - write a comment.Comments can be up to 25 characters;
  • type - opening a position at the current price, "immediate execution" or opening position "pending order" opening the parameters of which are set in advance;
  • Enable maximum deviation from quoted price - enable / disable deviation.If the broker provides a new exercise price (perekotiruet), calculated deviation of the new price from the initially requested.In this case, if the deviation is less than or equal to the specified parameter, the order will be executed at the new price without prior notice.Otherwise, the broker returns new prices at which the order can be executed;See Slippage Forex
  • maximum deviation -. The permissible price deviation in points.

Stretch SL and TP can be through a visual interface by dragging holding down the left mouse button.

44 Move the stop loss and take profit on the chart Metatrader 4

When opening a position "pending order»:

45 Opening of the transaction ( pending order ) Metatrader 4

  • type - choice of one of four types of pending orders: Sell Limit, Buy Limit, Sell Stop, Buy Stop;
  • For the price - indicate the price at which the broker offers you a position;
  • Expiry - Select the time after which the order will be already irrelevant.

The other parameters are similar to warrant immediate execution.Pending orders are displayed below the gray line.

46 Opening of the transaction ( pending order 2 ) Metatrader 4

Right mouse button select the order to install the "trailing stop".

Trailing Stop - allows you to automatically set the Stop Loss at the appropriate level from the current price.It is perfectly suitable when the market is very moving in one direction, and the trader is not possible to monitor changes in prices.

47 Trailing Stop Metatrader 4

assets. distribution as a percentage of the deposit amount of assets traded in the current instruments.

49 Assets Metatrader 4

Account History. displayed on the history of the open and closed positions for the selected time period.

50 account history Metatrader 4

This concludes our review of the most popular trading platform in the world version Metatrader 4. In the future we will follow the updates and platforms as possible to acquaint you with them.

Sincerely, Alex Vergunov