VSA: a way to improve your results by at least 30 %

welcome all visitors you familiar with this situation: you are trading strictly by the rules of strategy, comply with risk management, unimpressed, but still too often suffer losses?Do you feel like you are missing something important?So, you're right.You really are missing something in mind.

And you miss such an important factor as the volume.Volume is very important as analyzing the volume, we can reveal that the big players are doing now and follow them.There is a whole variety of technical analysis that studies the volumes on the market in conjunction with graphical analysis.And this technique is called VSA.

What is VSA?

VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) - a method of analysis of the trading volume in combination with the size and shape of the candles.

of the following video to learn what use VSA, the basic premise of this type of analysis, the study of how VSA can help your trading, as well as a couple of words about the maneuvers of the major players.

Volume Spread Analysis methodology extensive, largely overlaps with Price Action, and just as in the case of the PA it we'll be with you disassemble immediately, but in the form of individual lessons.

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