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Quantum London Trading Strategy - quick profit regardless of the direction prices

Quantum London Forex Strategy Hello, forex traders are friends!Surely, many of you would like to make a profit, no matter which way the price moves.This approach is used in many trading advisors in the form of a grid of orders averaging, but different risk losing a deposit at any time.

But what if there is some trick, that they did not know?What if there is a secret, which allows to use the net orders virtually safe?Today will pull off the covers in kryshesnosnoy forex strategy Quantum London .

Characteristics strategy Quantum London

Platform: the Metatrader 4
Currency Pairs: GBPUSD
Timeframe: M1
Trading Hours: 08: 00-11: 00 GMT (05: 00-08: 00 GMT)
Recommended DC: Roboforex, Exness, Forex4you

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The idea is based on TS

Movement GBPUSD on the Frankfurt and London sessions

There is a known strategy, known to many as "The London bombing".It is based on the momentum of motion that occurs at the opening of the London session.However, before Lon

don, 1 hour opens Frankfurt.This many people forget.And, as a rule, the movement of Frankfurt and London in different directions.

This can earn.We are looking for overbought / oversold at the opening of Frankfurt, enter the market and our chances that the movement will develop a very, very high.Also, we increase their own earning potential using not one but a whole grid of orders, adding a small average.

Terms of inputs and outputs

The inputs and outputs of forex strategy Quantum London

The strategy uses only one indicator - Quantum.It identifies areas of overbought / oversold signals the blue squares (buy signal) and red (sell signal) colors.

Quantum indicator signals

We enter from 8 to 11 am Moscow time (05: 00-08: 00 GMT) in the presence of a signal.As soon as the first square - open the corresponding warrant for the opening of a new candle (after a warning).In subsequent squares open additional orders.Their size varies - see the table below in the Money Management section.

leave from the position when a reverse (opposite) of the signal.We try to go before the opening of the American session.All positions at once convenient to close with a script CloseAllTradesCurrent (there are in the file system).

Trading can be carried out in manual, automatic and semi-automatic modes.Read more about it - in the video review at the beginning of this post.

Money Management

Money management in Forex Quantum London strategy

This strategy uses net orders.The first order will be the same size, then their size increases, in accordance with the sequence:

Order # 1-12 = .01 lot
Order # 13-21 = .02 lot
Order # 22-29 = .05 lot
Order #30-36 = .13 lot
Order # 37-39 = .34 lot
Order # 40 = .89 lot

Sincestrategy used by a large number of orders, we need a rather big size of the deposit.Namely 10,000 units per 0.01 lot (i.e., if the starting order - 0.01 10000 is necessary if 0.02 - 20000, etc.).But do not worry, we have a cent accounts, where 10,000 units of the currency in the account equal to total $ 100.Lest you get confused, see. The table below.

Account type Minimum lot and step lot Min.initial deposit Examples Brokers
Sent (with mini-lots) 0.01 100 $ (10,000 cents) Forex4you, Exness
Cent 0.1 $ 1000 Roboforex
Standard 0.01 $ 10,000 Alpari
Pro account 0.1 $ 100,000 Classic account type in the majority of brokers


For more information on TC trade quantum london

  • The archive with the vehicle has 2template: 1) Quantum - classical and 2) QL - template with additional auxiliary indicators.The essence of the strategy remains the same, but in the second template there are indications of significant levels of Fibonacci and the supply / demand, as well as information supplement.
  • During the release of important economic news, it is better to shut up their output.
  • possible to trade around the clock on this strategy, not only in the European session?Yeah, maybe.But I think that is lost is the essence of the original idea.But if you really really want, here are the recommendations on trade in other sessions:

Asian session:
start at 3:00 MSK MSK
5 a) In the Asian session, recommended to be closed when a return signal, then take a break beforeFrankfurt and not trade.
b) If Asian orders are not closed in the absence of a return signal, it is recommended to 1 hour before the opening of the Frankfurt look for an opportunity to close the net.Chance of BU and TP in the black.
c) If the plus and TP is not observed, the net proceeds to Frankfurt and resolves it.

European session:
a) In the European session, recommended to close only the return signal appears.

US session:
entrance from 15:00 to 17:00 MSK
We try to go to 23:00 MSK
a) As recommended by the American session close at a reverse signal appears, then take a break before the Asian session and trading.
b) If the US orders are not closed in the absence of the return signal, the recommended 30 minutes before closing the day looking for an opportunity to close the net.Chance of BU, the TA in the black and is also a minus.


Quantum London Forex strategy gained considerable popularity on the forum, as well as forex factory.And for good reason.It is an interesting approach to the use of the grid actually takes orders cons of standard applications of grid trading and turns them into advantages.

Regarding trade time, then I advise you to adhere to the original strategy - namely, trade only in the European session.Hour trade is possible, but it negates the very idea of ​​this trading system.In my opinion, a better use of the TC - semiautomatic.Those.opening and closing positions of advisor, but with manual control and interference, if any need.

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