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TradeSystem 2 - forex trading simulator download

One of the main problems typical forex trader - the desire to get instant results.We all want this minute to be able to trade profitably and without errors.But the problem is that it does not happen.

When you see on the stage of a skilled pianist or dancer, you think that they whole life played / danced.But you do not see the years of training, blood and sweat that stand behind their results.Likewise in trading.No training is indispensable.

However, there is a way to reduce the time.Cut off the path.Outsmart system.

Today we look at a great program - a simulator forex trader named TradeSystem 2 , which allows to test any strategy manually, simulating real trading.You can use this program to get experience in the trade for several years, just a couple of days.


Installing TradeSystem 2

Let's start with the installation.Set the utility, which is technically an adviser, as well as any other robot.See. Universal statement.

should also mention saving template with your strategy, especially for this tes


On the schedule that is running your TS, add a custom indicator, which is called the Button Panel.


Nothing happened?So it should be.In fact, our goal now - to write a template that we use with the strategy tester.

go in patterns, - & gt;save the template, call the tester.tpl template, save it.

Save Template tester

The use of the simulator in practice

Go to the window "Strategy Tester", has a new advisor to choose in our list - TsTester.Loaded history by pressing F2.I will test the pair EURUSD.

User stories for TradeSystem 2

Our quotes loaded and we're ready to start testing.We need to select the currency or any trading assets, select the date of the trade test, set the rendering speed.You can speed up testing by the method of "open prices".Choosing the usual timeframe for us.

TradeSystem 2 in the strategy tester

So, we can see the socket of our management advisor and see three lines on a graph, they should be immediately turned off by clicking on the gray buttons of our panels.With this strategy tester can test absolutely any trading system.

Let's try to do it.The first thing of course expose a lot, acquire Enter.Next, open the deal to decrease or increase.Expose the take-profit and stop-loss order, by clicking on the appropriate buttons.To expose the line on the graph, they need a little push.Stop - Loss and Take Profit is necessary to fix by clicking Modify.

Control Panel 2 TradeSystem

try again to open a deal, but in the opposite direction.We need to remove the line again, this is important.Click to "sell", set stop loss, take profit, select the Modify, expect.

With this counselor, we can continue to manage our orders, simply by moving the value of their ID numbers with two arrows.

Just Advisor allows you to close the deal according to their ID when you click Close.

Application ID of orders in TradeSystem 2

Also we have another two buttons in the control panel of the tester, this OP and BE.They are responsible for the installation of pending orders (OP), as well as work with the transfer order to breakeven (BE).

The UP and BE in TradeSystem 2

Also, we have a button that set the schedule for the pause (bottom button in the image below) and set auto pause after each candle (top button).

Pause button TradeSystem 2

Open Orders and history of transactions are displayed in the "results" as during the test, and at the end.

Test results


Finally TradeSystem 2

In general, I would like to note that this tester - one of the best decisions that came across me in the market, in fact, it is absolutely free, and all the other options that I met were more complexto use, install, and of course there are a certain amount of funds.As you can see on my chart uses three moving averages, you can throw on a graph absolutely any indicator as user (download) as well as standard and test any strategy using TradeSystem 2.

author of this program is our forumchanin fv2500, for whichmany thanks to him.

P.S.You can also express gratitude to the author of the program, a monetary way - that his purses WebMoney:

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