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FX1D0 - trading system to earn money , where all others failed

Forex Strategy FX1DO

Hello, fellow forex traders!All we've seen, after the opening of the new daily candle the price goes against the main trend, drawing a shadow, and then turns around and moves in the opposite direction.In principle, the foundation market, otherwise there would be no spark tails.Can I make money on it?Can.There is a specialized strategy FX1D0 designed to work with such setups.Today we'll learn how to trade on it.

Features FX1D0

Trading System Platform: Metatrader 4
Timeframe: H1
trade time: London and US session
Recommended DC: Roboforex, Alpari


Help TC FX1D0

  • installation Instructions strategies MT4
  • Working with pending orders
  • Support Advisor ProTrader
  • Translation to breakeven

The idea is based on TS

The idea is based on TS FX1D0

All of us know that the normal daily candle is: the body, the shadow on the one hand and the shadow of the other.As soon as the new day was called, t

he price is sometimes a time comes in the direction opposite the main trend, and then turns around and moves in the other direction.Going where?That's right - in the direction of the opening price of the day.

A further possible options: the price can go through the opening price of the day and continue the trend, and can rebound from its opening price.In both cases, the opening price of the daily candle acts as a magnet.We are, in principle, no matter where then will move quotes becausewe will use the opening price of the day as a guide to take profits.

entry rules in the market

Entry rules of forex strategy Fx1D0

- London session.For 30 minutes before its start viewing schedules for possible signals.
- For the entry price should be between the moving averages.Acceptable: sliding below for purchases above - for sales.
- Before entering check the distance between the channels ATR.If it is very small (less than 20 points), it is better to miss the entrance.

- It is recommended to include pending orders.

Shopping :
- Fast MA greater than slow
- opening price of the day above the price at the opening
London - Stochastics below 70, pointing at the time of entry up


Sales :
- Fast moving lower thanslow
- The opening price of the day below the price at the opening of London
- Stochastic is above the level of 30, pointing down at the time of entry


Stop loss and Take profit

Stop Loss and Take Profit


- ona couple of points above / below high / low candles entry or the nearest minimum / maximum
- following ATR channel

Take profit:

- 10 points
- the closest ATR
channel - all level 00 or 50
- the opening price of the day(the best option)
- breakeven + 2 points after 7 points profit, on a trailing stop
- leave at the end of the day

Money management

MM FX1D0 strategy

sincewinning percentage is very large in this FX1D0 system, you can use up to 2% of the deposit on the transaction (do not forget that a lot of trade in- tended so greatly overstate% not worth it).For the calculation of the lot you can use our mobile app.


FH1D0 dashboard

You can follow any calls FX1D0 system immediately at full speed.without having to switch to different schedules.You can use FX1DO_dashboard template.Just upload it to any free chart and you will be presented with the panel signals, as in the screenshot above.

, so that all relevant information had to load to correctly display the data graph of the loaded Dashboard is best left for a few hours.

column values:

  • Pair - pair
  • Spread - current spread
  • U / D - the current trend.If the green box, then fast average is above the slow, if the red - on the contrary.
  • Zone - if the box is U / D green, and the opening price of the day above the current, and the current price is below the MA 13, it is green.If the square U / D red, and the opening price of the day below the current, and the current price is above the MA 13, it glows red.In other cases - blue.
  • Sto - if the U / D and Zone red and Stochastic above the oversold level, you see a red box.The pair will turn golden, indicating that there is a signal.Similarly for shopping - if the U / D and Zone green, and below the level of overbought Stochastic appears green pryamougolnichek.
  • Cur.P / L - current profit / loss for this pair
  • Do Dist. - distance points to the opening price of the day.It is shown only if there are other conditions for entry
  • Atr Spread - the distance between ATR channels.It is shown only if the other parameters of the input signal
  • Last Alert - the last signal for this pair

remaining columns show the signals in other time frames.


forex meme

trading system FX1D0 gained considerable popularity in overseas forums, due to its profitability.Namely, a high percentage of profitable trades.From its downsides worth noting a small amount of trading signals, offset by a large number of instruments traded.Do not get the idea at the heart of the system and, if desired, you can replace the lights came with the vehicle on its own.Or do without them.The most important thing in any strategy - an idea on which it is based.

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