VSA: The culmination of the buying / selling and how to make money

Hello, dear readers forex blog is a common belief that if the market reaches new heights, it means that the trend will continue.When the quotations at the peak, technical analysts will repeat the strong trends, the news will be positive and everything will point to continued growth.However, market makers use such moments, when everyone wants to buy in order to get rid of their positions.
Fortunately, the VSA technique allows us to determine when such a situation happens, and take action: close the position with the trend and to consider the possibility of opening opposite orders.This is what we will discuss in today's video.


1. If you do not know what the VSA, be sure to watch the introductory video.

2. Volume Indicators for MT4 swing here.

3. The video mentioned support / resistance levels.What is it and how to find them discussed in the video lesson horizontal level.

1. Determine accurately the end of a major trend is not possible.

2. However, VSA meth

ods allow to identify the end of the current wave.

culmination of purchases / sales - is the imbalance of supply and demand, leading to a market reversal.
If the market reaches new heights / bottom (depending on the trend), the volume is very high, a candle with a wide spread in the direction of the trend is closed in the middle or close to the maximum values, and on the next candle, we see a small spread and a relatively high amount of, then we are dealing with the end of the current wave of the trend.

worth close existing positions on the trend and to consider the possibility of opening opposite.

more detailed pattern "culmination of buying / selling" discussed in the video above.Also, looking at the video, you will learn about the possible trade tactics at the opening position, ending opposite trend.

This setup can benefit even those who VSA is not interested in principle.BecauseIt allows you to easily and accurately determine the turning points in the market.

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