How to make trading decisions ?- Intensive Webinar

How to make trading decisions webinar

Good day, fellow forex traders.

How many times have you opened the position and the market immediately turned around?How many times have you found a profitable strategy, it would seem, on the story, but in the real trading, it showed not the best results?How many times have you thought that the price has nowhere to grow, and it grew and grew?

The fact is that the human brain - this is not a computer.Our minds are very imprecise tool, easily susceptible to influences, emotions and even to how much you slept well.How to cope with your own head in the process of trading and at the same time to earn?On the mysteries of the brain and perception, and most importantly - what we do with it, will be discussed at the webinar «How to make trading decisions» .

What will be on the webinar?

Program webinar how to make trading decisions in the Forex

Here is a short program of the upcoming online seminar, "How to make trading decisions»:

  • 2 system in our brains, and their pros and cons
  • As external information influences our decisions
  • How to achieve the idea
    l state to generate newideas
  • Tricks with money management, the impact of currency on your deposit of
  • Why do we so easily believe lohotronschikov?
  • Why strategy is profitable in the history and in the real world merges?
  • And how to deal with
  • And much more ...

Webinar Recording

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