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VR stealth Pro - trade panel , with which your feet are not visible to market makers

Mark stealth pro - Advisor Invisible

MetaTrader 4 is undoubtedly the most popular trading platform in the world.Unfortunately, its developers do not always have time to keep up with the times, and the many practical and useful features that simplify operation, are overlooked.Our today's review is devoted adviser Vr Stealth Pro .

task of the adviser - to bring some convenient features to work with us familiar terminal.With it you can quickly and easily manage open positions and pending orders directly from the chart window, and also present unusual features, such as hiding the stop-loss and take-profit from the broker, as well as automatic closing of orders in due time.


Installation Advisor vr stealth pro

Set adviser Vr Stealth Pro much easier than others, we simply download it from Market.In the market our trading terminal in the search box trying to drive «Vr Stealth Pro» - automatic lights you want us adviser.Then push the button "download".After installation is complete, we close our terminal window and forget about it.

Installation Advisor VR Stealth Pro

before we pounce Advisor to the chart I would like to make a reservation.Advisor to the semi-automatic, independent trade he does not.It just helps us to trade, thus facilitating our lives thanks to its excellent functionality.

Settings Vr Stealth Pro

Advisor settings panel VR stealth pro

Settings panel:

  • Trade Panel settings - setting trade panel
  • Start Lots - Initial Offer to trade.You can change the trade panels;
  • Order Distance - distance for pending orders from the current price;
  • Order Arrow - Display Terminal icons when opening, closing, modifying orders;
  • Magic - Unique number of orders advisor.Accounting for orders at -1 - all orders in the terminal, 0 - only manual, & gt; 0 or only their order of another counselor;
  • Slip - Slippage.

Settings control orders:

  • Stop Loss - Initial stop loss by default, can be changed manually in the chart by dragging a line with the mouse;
  • Take Profit - Starting Take default profiles can be changed manually in the chart by dragging a line with the mouse;
  • Breakeven - distance for exhibiting bezubytka;
  • Breakeven Step - Minimum income at exhibiting bezubytka;
  • Trailing Stop - Pulling stoploss the price in a profitable way;
  • Button Size - buttons Size warrant;
  • Button Stop Loss - Enable / Disable button Stop Loss;
  • Button Take Profit - Enable / Disable button Take Profit;
  • Button Breakeven - Enable / Disable button bezubytka;
  • Button Trailing Stop - Enable / disable Trailing Stop button;
  • Button Time Close - Enable / Disable the closure / removal order at the time the button;
  • Button Info - Enable / Disable button information on the warrant;
  • Edit Field Lots Close - Enable / disable the edit field of the lot for the partial closure of an order;
  • Vertical Line Level - Enable / disable the vertical lines of the Take Profit and Stop Loss;
  • Default Stop Loss - Enable / disable the installation of Stop Loss orders at the opening;
  • Default Take Profit - Enable / disable the installation take profit orders at the opening;
  • Default Breakeven - Enable / disable installation bezubytka orders at the opening;
  • Default Trailing Stop - Enable / disable installation Trailing Stop orders at the opening;
  • Default Time Close - Enable / disable time setting for closing / opening of the removal order at the order;
  • Default Info - Enable / disable the display window with information about the open order.

Options trading sessions Vr stealth pro

Options trading sessions:

  • Asia Start - Home Asian session;
  • Asia Stop - The end of the Asian session;
  • Eur Start - Start of the European session;
  • Eur Stop - The end of the European session;
  • USA Start - Start of the American session;
  • USA Stop - The end of the American session;
  • Step Line Alert - Distance Alert for lines.

Other Settings

Sound - Turn on / off sound when opening and closing orders.

Logs - Logging:

  • off - do not keep logs;
  • chart - only on the chart;
  • excel - only in Excel;
  • chart_and_excel - on the chart and

As you already had time to pay attention, in the beginning I removed the 0 from almost all settings.Settings in the three-digit value is used for a five-digit price accounts.Due to the fact that I score with 4 characters after the decimal point, I put a two-digit value for a four count.For more information, see. What is new and old items .

Old and new items Vr stealth pro

Then click "OK" and proceed to trade.

Working with Vr Stealth Pro

Menu Vr stealth pro


  • lots - increase / decrease in trading lot;
  • buy / sell - placing orders on the increase / decrease;
  • buy limit - delayed application for purchase at a price below the current price levels;
  • sell limit - delayed application for sale at a price above the current price level;
  • buy stop - delayed bid to buy at a price above the current price level
  • sell stop - delayed application for sale at a price below the current price level.

buttons below the line order:

  • & lt; & gt;- Move;
  • v - fold;
  • sl - setting stop loss;
  • tp - setting take profit;
  • br - including bezubytka;
  • tr - including tralling stope;
  • ti - closing time of the order;
  • in - Information;
  • x - closing of the order;
  • 00 - current lot orders.

All this works for pending orders.

Walk on the elements located in the upper left corner TradeMenu - allows you to move and fix the commercial counselor menu.

Elements with Vr stealth pro

Grid - helps the trader to put horizontal and vertical circular line.Grid allows you to specify the period of the initial values ​​of lines moving relative to each other.

Grid Setting Vr Stealth pro

Session - allows you to throw on the graph of the Asian / Highest European / American trading sessions.

Trading session in VR Stealth Pro

Alert - allows you to add lines to the chart, to achieve that, EA will publish specific signals, meaning prices and touch line.The lines can be both vertical and horizontal.

Configure alerts VR stealth Pro


  • Tick - signals each tick;
  • New bar - indicates a change bar

Time - allows you to display:

  • server time
  • local time
  • bar closing time

Setting the time Vr Stealth Pro

Virtual order - allows you to add a line chart withvalues ​​of virtual orders.Ie the order is not set until the price reaches the exposed line.

Configure Virtual Order Vr stealth pro


Advisor stop loss and take profits holds in his memory.Teams arrive at the server only from the advisor.In the case of, for example, communication loss or blackouts broker will not know where to set your stop loss or take profit.


Advisor Vr stealth pro conclusion

How could you make this EA has stunningly thoughtful visual interface is extremely intuitive and accessible to anyone, even a beginner trader.In principle, it is one of the best advisors in the field.Many thanks to the author for his development.

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