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Hello, dear colleagues.Many traders prefer to work actively on the market, like to keep abreast of the news, constantly test the trading systems and new ideas.And there are forex traders who are more comfortable to be investors - to invest in the PAMM use signals up transactions, ieinvest in the intellectual work of professionals.We present our Advisor Asia , which is an excellent solution, suitable for both active traders and investors to moderate, due to its outstanding results in many years of tests and in actual accounts.In this article, we'll test it on a few pairs and evaluate the result.

Advisor Features

Platform: the Metatrader 4
version Adviser: 1.4
Timeframe: M15
Hours: Asian session
Recommendedbrokers: Alpari (ECN-accounts), Roboforex (ECN-accounts)

FAQ installation

Installation Advisor Asia

Advisor install as usual.If you are new to the Forex robots and you have a lot of questions, - swing and watch the forex course o

n autopilot.

Attention!In this Expert Advisor settings significantly affect the trading results, use the recommended set-files (see. Archive at the end of this article).

advisor strategy

Asia Strategy Advisor

Advisor is a trend scalper.Entrance to the transaction occurs in kickbacks from the main trend.Also suitable filtering signals from the channel indicator, based on volatility.Closing orders can take place the stop-loss, take-profit, or a built-in indicators adviser, also departing from the boundaries of the corresponding indicator channel;possible restrictions on trading hours.
expert does not use Martingale and Grid orders, but can be used rekaveri mode, ie recovery, increased lot (depending on the set).

Expert is a stable and profitable robot, which is designed to operate in different market conditions, on a multi-year of profitable trading.

Bektesty advisor

Bektesty made for each pair separately, asMetatrader 4 platform does not allow for multi tests.

first series of tests done fixed lot .This allows you to evaluate the test results without regard to money management.

Asia EURCHF 2000 2015 lot 0.1

Asya ЁRCHF 2000 2015 Lot 0.1

test results good

Asia EURGBP 2000 2015 lot 0.1

Asya EURGBP 2000 2015 Lot 0.1

test results are acceptable

Asia GBPCAD 2000 2015 lot0.1

Asya GVPSAD 2000 2015 Lot 0.1

test results are acceptable

Asia GBPCHF 2000 2015 lot 0.1

Asya GBPCHF 2000 2015 Lot 0.1

test results good

Asia GBPUSD 2000 2015 lot 0.1

Asya GBPOSD 2000 2015 Lot 0.1

test resultsgood

Asia USDCAD 2000 2015 lot 0.1

Asya USDSAD 2000 2015 Lot 0.1

test results are acceptable

Asia USDCHF 2000 2015 lot 0.1

Asya YUSDHF 2000 2015 Lot 0.1

test results are very good

Asia USDJPY 2000 2015lot 0.1

Asya USDZHPI 2000 2015 Lot 0.1

test results are acceptable

second series of tests done dynamic proportional) lot .This allows you to evaluate the test results, taking into account money management.

Asia EURCHF 2000 2015 lot MM2

Asya ЁRCHF 2000 2015 auction MM2

Asia EURGBP 2000 2015 lot MM2

Asya EURGBP 2000 2015 auction MM2

Asia GBPCAD 2000 2015 lot MM2

Asya GVPSAD 2000 2015 auction MM2

Asia GBPCHF 2000 2015 lot MM2

Asya GBPCHF 2000 2015 auction MM2

Asia GBPUSD 2000 2015 lot MM2

Asya GBPOSD 2000 2015 auction MM2

Asia USDCAD 2000 2015 lot MM2

Asya USDSAD 2000 2015 auction MM2

Asia USDCHF 2000 2015 lot MM2

Asya YUSDHF 2000 2015 auction MM2

Asia USDJPY 2000 2015 lotMM2

Asya USDZHPI 2000 2015 auction MM2

Using EA Analyzer program will make a consolidated Steytment tests on all pairs with proportional lot.

Asia 2000-2015 lot MM2


Conclusion: Advisor Asia when working proportionate lot 8 pairs show very steady growth in profits without any significant drawdown.

⇒Ssylki all used in Article bektesty (self-analysis) can be found in the topic on the Asia forum.

monitoring real account

settings Description

robot settings as follows:

Asya Settings

  • Magic - Magic warrants this currency pair
  • EA_Comment - comments to the orders (optional)
  • MaxSpread - the maximum spread, at a value of -1.0 is not limited
  • Slippage - slip
  • Auto_GMT - automatic detection GMT broker, included with true
  • Calculate_DST - accounting year broker time (DaylightSaving Time), operates at Auto_GMT = true
  • Manual_GMT_Offset - manual exposure GMT at Auto_GMT = false

Custom Settings

  • StealthMode - «stealth" mode, when the adviser clearly puts the foot andprofits, iehiding them from the broker
  • NFA - includes compatibility with brokers operating under the control of the National Futures Association of the USA (National Futures Association)
  • No_Hedge - off issuing warrants hedge, ieopen positions at the same time buy and sell
  • TicksTrade - comprises of the calculation mode on each tick (default calculations are used to close the minute taymreyma M1).It is recommended to use only after optimization for this option!Either do not touch this option at all.
  • StopLoss - stoploss
  • TakeProfit - takeprofit
  • Channel_Period - time channel indicator, based on the volatility
  • Entry_Break - the amount of indentation from the channel walls in pips at the entrance
  • Exit_Distance - indent sizefrom the walls of the channel in order to close pips
  • Exit_DistanceM1 - the amount of indentation from the channel walls in pips for closing orders, calculated on a minute timeframe
  • Start_Trade_Hour - sets the beginning trading hours during the day, at a value of "-1"does not work
  • End_Trade_Hour - sets end trading hours during the day, at a value of" -1 "does not work
  • MaxDailyRange - the value of the filter at a maximum daily values, affects the frequency inputs
  • UseCustomPair -permits the use of vapor which is outside the recommended
  • UseSettingsFrom - if included in the sale of unauthorized pairs, then UseSettingsFrom shows how pairs of the recommended internal parameters are set adviser.It makes sense only if the entry is recommended pairs.

Risk Management

  • RecoveryMode - including "recovery" mode, ie,when loss Advisor will trade increased lots until the release of the drawdown
  • FixedLots - Presumptive lot
  • AutoMM - the size of the dynamic lot
  • AutoMM_Max - maximum permitted risk affects the size exhibit advisor of the lot, the risk is calculated forstoploss of 100 pips
  • MaxAccountTrades - the maximum number of simultaneously open advisor warrants in the account at the value "0" is the number of orders indefinitely

in version advisor Simple settings even less:

Asya Simple Setup

version Simple can be placed only on the recommended couples.

What Advisor version put?

Differences in versions Advisor Asia

version Simple from usual differs in that there is at least made "outside" settings.If you want to have full access to all settings, if you want to use different sets of copyright settings, or want to start Advisor Asia vapor that differ from those recommended - you only suitable for the regular version of the advisor.For beginners and not lovers of experiments can be useful version Simple.

Attention! If you are using a version Simple , be sure to set the parameter MaxDailyRange for each pair:

- GBPUSD: MaxDailyRange = 35
- USDJPY: MaxDailyRange = 75
- EURCHF: MaxDailyRange = 35
- GBPCHF: MaxDailyRange = 55
- GBPCAD: MaxDailyRange = 85
- EURGBP: MaxDailyRange = 5
- USDCAD: MaxDailyRange = 85
- USDCHF: MaxDailyRange = 35

If you decide to use a regular adviser to the version, it is recommended to use the sets,given in the end of the article (in MQL4 there Presets folder to folder sets).

Attention!Do not change anything in the EA settings and use only the recommended values, if not exactly understand what you are doing!

recommended money management

Money management advisor in Asia

recommended risk on the transaction in the amount of 2 per cent of the deposit for each pair.Lot can be calculated using a special table, or just set the level of risk in the EA settings, and all calculated automatically.


Advisor forex asia download

Advisor Asia is multi-currency, stable and profitable trend scalper, ie trading robot designed to work on ECN accounts.Reliability, stability and predictability of confirmatory tests and monitoring on a real account.In the long-term profitability might be some time in the neutral zone.Also note that EA trades infrequently .


to run correctly advisor trading platform should be included with the evening opening of the market on Sunday before it closed on Friday evening.If you are unable to keep the computer in working order 24/5, it is recommended to use VPS server service.

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