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Argo Guardian - a utility that will keep your fear and greed under tight control

Forex Advisor deposit defender

you open a transaction, specify a stop-loss at a rate of 3% of the deposit, all by the book.The price goes against you, you decide to move the stop, and then again and again ... And as a result the planned loss of 3% becomes a loss of 20%.Familiar?

or advisers, drives off the coils and, because of a system error opens the transaction without stop.And the next morning you will find that the price had gone somewhere far against your orders ...

Let's face it: we all miss stern black man with a club that will hit the hand when we commit follies on the account.However, it is possible to deal with psychological problems through technology.

Today we will focus on the advisor-assistant ArgoGuardian from our friends ArgoLab, which will not let you risk nothing, and will also help to overcome the greed in relation to profit.

typical behavior of a trader

The typical trader

As always behave forex traders with loss?Consider a typical situation.For example, you decide to trade with the risk of 3% on the deposit.You

open a buy position, but the price starts to go in the opposite direction and is already nearly stop.At this point, you receive a "brilliant" idea, why not remove the stop-loss, in case you are lucky and the price is still unfold.Of course, this usually does not happen and it is quite acceptable loss of 3% is becoming an 10% or even 20%.Unfortunately, this problem is not only beginners but also advanced traders.

Behavior trader at loss

Obviously, we do not have enough control.It's all about human nature, nothing can be done about it.But what helps the adviser, it's the fact that he takes on the responsibility for limiting the losses in your account.You can specify any restriction, 5%, 10% or 20%.Let's say you open a position and decided to remove the stop-loss.Then the adviser will still close the position when the maximum loss.Thus, the adviser keeps your deposit and, at the same time, teaches control losses.

Working with advisers and Blocking

Sometimes a situation where several different advisors working on one bill come into conflict.To save yourself from a variety of force majeure, you can limit the maximum total loss on account of, say, 20%.After the loss to reach 20% of the deposit, the adviser will close all open positions.Install CloseCharts flag to the adviser to the same closed all active graphs and AutotradeOFF flag to the press the button = auto trade after fixing the profit or loss.Thus, the business activities of all councilors in the account is completely blocked and it allows you to regain control of the account.

Argoguardian also has a function of locking orders.In this case, instead of closing unprofitable transaction, EA will simply open the opposite.Suppose we have a losing position to buy.Then, the adviser opens a sell position of the same amount, thereby locking loss at the same level.Of course, the most difficult - is out of the locale.In this respect there is much debate.This is a big topic and requires a separate discussion.Use the Blocking or not up to you.

Installation Extract the contents of the archive in the terminal's data directory.

After adviser appeared in the Navigator window, run it from the browser window by dragging on the graph.

Settings argo guardian

Do not forget to specify the settings on the trade permit and import libraries.

Permissions Argo Guardian

Settings advisor

  • Logic

you need to specify which couples to consider and what actions to perform after the profit or loss of fixation.

Symbols - position for some characters to take into account: All - track drawdown for all characters;ThisSymbol - only take into account the current character;MaxDDSymbol - take into account the character with the maximum drawdown.

Magic - enter here magic advisor, order tracking you want.In this case, the positions of other councilors will not be counted.If set to 0, will be counted only hand EPR work and order exhibited machine will be ignored.To cancel the restrictions set value is less than zero.

UseLock - Blocking use.

AutotradeOFF - pressing the button for auto-trading after profit / loss of fixation.

CloseCharts - close all active charts after the profit / loss of fixation.

  • Target profit

Installation earnings limit.

TProfit - level of profit in money.

TProfitPerCent - profit level in% of the deposit.

TProfitEquity - specific value of equity at which profits will be fixed.

SendEmailOnTP - notified by mail, if the profit was recorded.

  • Stop Loss

Installation on a loss limit.

MaxDD - the level of the maximum drawdown in cash.

MaxDDPerCent - the maximum drawdown level in% of the deposit.

MaxDDEquity - specific value of equity at which loss will be recorded.

SendEmailOnSL - notified by mail if a loss was recorded.

  • Equity trail

Setting trailing stop.

EquityStartTrial - value profit, after which start trailing.

RollBackPercent - retracement level, after which the advisor to the transaction closes.

RollBackEquity - the value of equity, in which the transaction closes Advisor.

  • Email notification

Notification Settings in the mail.

MaxDD_Email - level drawdown in cash.

MaxDDPerCent_Email - level drawdown in% of the deposit.

MaxDDEquity_Email - specific value of equity at which a letter will be sent.

  • Miscellanea

RefreshSec - refresh rate in seconds.

MagicLock - magic lokiruyuschego warrant.


Advisor argo guardian conclusion

Advisor ArgoGuardian will be interesting not only for beginners, but also to professional market participants.The product opens up opportunities for experimenting with Martin and various grid strategies.Argoguardian helps to reduce the time spent on monitoring graphs.Therefore, it will be a good helper for long-term traders trading with the trend.Beginners advisor to help get rid of the human factor, as well as to overcome fear and greed.

Application examples ArgoGuardian advisor in practice can be found in the video review at the beginning of this post.

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