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How to apply volumes of forex

Has it to you this: Once you have opened a position and then the market went against you, as if out of spite?You open an opposite transaction and the price moves back the other direction.As if someone is watching you.

Your fears are not groundless.Apart from us, the small retail players are present "shark" with multi-million dollar capital in the currency market.They devour your money.Moving the market for a long time, they, of course, can not, but they are included in public places crowds of orders and earn the naive traders.Like you.

Is there a way to deal with them?Method no.But we can not be "sheep" and follow the "big uncles" and make money with them, taking money from the losers.How to track the movement of big money and reap the benefits?You will learn from the video course «How to apply volumes of trade on Forex.What is silent your broker ».

How to apply volumes of forex

What course?

The training course focuses on, you guessed it, the analysis of the volume in the forex market.Why analyze volumes?The fact tha

t major players can not enter the market quickly.They always leave traces.Should be expressed in the form of candlestick patterns and the relative size of the volume on a particular segment of the graph.

study of these traces the major players in the Forex market, also called market makers, devoted to trading technique called Volume Spread Analysis .Or abbreviated VSA .

Why me your course and the VSA?

Why do I need your course

C VSA using your trading performance significantly improved, at least 30%.No matter at what forex strategy you are using.Why?You will start to see movement and a lot of money in a timely manner out of the position, or change tactics.You will know when to start "massacre" naive fools and join the right side of the market.Agree to go against the tsunami just silly.It is the same with the retention of the position when the market is big money move in the opposite direction.You will no longer feel cheated.

Surely you've heard the saying "If you play poker and do not know who is at the table fool, this fool you probably do."With the volume of VSA analysis method, you will no longer be a fool.

I tried to study the VSA, but I thought it was too complicated and confusing ...

VSA - it is difficult?

Many infobiznesmeny (those who earn selling rate) specifically trying to put more and more difficult than it actually is.Otherwise gullible newcomers they just do not pay.Also, with the filing of these would-be teachers there was a lot on the market volume of pseudo-analysis, in other words, outside of techniques designed for the purpose of sale Lohamei.

In this video course you will not find "water" and the lengthy arguments about anything.Only working methods, only that we can apply in practice today.

What timeframes works VSA?

What timeframes works VSA?

Theoretically, according to the founder of the methodology of the analysis of the volume of Tom Williams, Volume Spread Analysis works everywhere.But from experience I can tell you that on the daily timeframe of this strategy is of little help.Therefore, the course will be of interest primarily intraday traders.

How much is a video course?

The price of the video VSA

no secret that the usual video-courses on trade by volume, are not less than 10 thousand rubles .Our video course, like everything on this site is free.Why?This is a resource policy.I'm not a poor man, so do not do sales of information products.

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